Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Looked good

I was quite please with how the Dallas Cowboys looked last night. Passing game was efficient. Bledsoe was in command. Defense looked tough. Kept New Orleans out of any real rhythm. Special teams was good.

On the bad side, the running game didn't look that great. That would be because of the offensive line which seemed offensive when they tried to run the ball.

But overall, it was good to see them perform well. Granted it is just preseason, but you do like to see your team show some potential. Last night the Cowboys showed some potential.

I do find it interesting how the national media- not the Dallas media- is trying to make it sound like their is a quarterback controversy brewing in Big D. Sure Romo has played a game and a half and has a couple of touchdowns, completes 75% of his passes, commands the offense well. But there is no competition. Bledsoe is the starter. He showed why last night. If he should struggle, it is nice to have a confident back-up ready to go. But as for the guys at ESPN, don't try to create stories that are not there. Just because you haven't seen any blow up by Owens doesn't mean you need to fabricate something to make Sportscenter interesting.

I am off to a team meeting today. Yes, the entire day will be spent in a conference room, doing those team building games. Fun! At least I was able to procure a room that looked outside over a field. That way if I get caught staring blindly, I can say I was pondering or looking at a deer or maybe a turkey.

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J. Gambino said...

Don't forget the ever famous, "Is that a crop circle?"