Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quick hits

** Only 82 degrees this morning as I left for work. Kept the top down on the drive home as it was only 95. Am I the only one that drives with the top down when it is that hot? Saw a lot of convertibles with the tops and windows up, no doubt with the AC blasting. Pussies!

** So if Fidel Castro dies, will all the Cubans in Miami that have been celebrating in the street go back to the island? If not, why are they celebrating? That is like bragging that your high school football team beat their rival and you haven't been to a game in 20 years.

** So Mel Gibson got drunk, busted for DUI, and made some bad comments. And everyone has their undies in a bunch. People, he is just an actor! It is not like he is the governor. Actors are not and should not be considered role models. If you don't like what he did/said, don't buy his movies. Simple as that.

** Brett Favre has been taken to task for some comments he made. Most Packer fans are probably pumped up for this season because Favre claims the Packers have more talent on this team than any other he has been on. He must be back on the Vicadin to make a comment like that. The guys on PTI had a good point to make on this comment. They point out that the talent level isn't near what they had in the Super Bowl years. Maybe Favre is just slower and the younger players faster than what he is accustomed to. So it isn't the team is better, it is that Favre just isn't as good. Oh yeah, he threw like 5 picks in camp yesterday. Doh!

** I enjoyed a nice cold Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat last night (see I take my own advice) after playing some basically break even poker. Getting no where fast lately playing. Not winning but not losing. Something has to change for the better there.

** The Milwaukee Admirals changed their logo yesterday to the pirate looking think on the left. Is it me or does it look like some cheap graphic from the old Atari 2600? The color scheme of black and teal? Ugly! Usually when you make a logo change, it is for the better. This one certainly got worse.

Plus, "Never Say Die"??? It is a skull. It is dead. Who is the marketing genius who came up with this one? Why is one eye bigger than the other? Was this a pirate that got beat up a lot? Or was it retarded?

** Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I watched Rock Star again last night. I think part of it is that I am waiting to hear someone sing some hard rock/heavy metal just once. Just once, that is all I am asking for. Instead, I watched a bunch of bad songs, but got to hear the people get ripped on. That was worth it.

** What am I thinking right now? Yeah, I could use a drink. Long day of work ahead, more stuff to do tonight. Still need to figure out what I am doing this weekend.


AWE said...

I think I will leave a pan of muffins in my truck today to see if they will bake.

I saw a girl drinking a Blue Moon the other night and she put oranges in it. Is this common?

StB said...

Yes, an orange slice should accompany the Blue Moon just as a lemon slice should accompany any Hefe Weiss.

Did she squeeze the orange and drop it into the beer? That is how she should drink it.

AWE said...

She had two slices, which she squeezed them for all that they were worth, then poured the beer on top.

I may have to try this.

Huge Junk said...

A real man shoves that orange right up the left nostril of whatever light-in-the-pants server who brings it to him. If it's a hot chick he pretends he doesn't know what it's for and asks her to explain it. Then he gets her phone number and bangs her until he doesn't want to see her any longer and stops returning her calls.

Oh yeah, my original point...

You nailed it on the head when you asked if the skull was retarded. It's exactly what I thought when I saw it before reading down and seeing you had thought the same.

Great minds think alike.

Hey Jo said...

The logo is a bit lame. Now we know who was behind the billboards around town.

Blue Moon rocks... 'nuff said. I picked up an interesting cherry beer from the New Glarus brewery a few weeks ago. Tasts a bit like a cherry Jolly Rancher but better.

As for RockStar, the contestants don't get to 'pick' the songs. SuperNova (or the producers) pick a group of songs and the contestants fight it out to sing one of those songs. So they can't just go and sing any song they like. Except if they are in the bottom 3 then they can sing any song as long as they get permission from the original artist. And from what I understand is that some groups (for some reason, I think that Telsa was one of them) won't give permission.

Anonymous said...

---"Is it me or does it look like some cheap graphic from the old Atari 2600?"---

Oh my god that is the coolest thing anyone has ever said about my artwork! Seriously!