Thursday, August 03, 2006

R.I.P. dear friend

I saw the early signs months ago. But I ignored it. I thought if I left it alone, it would get better over time. Just when it looked like it was dead, it would jump back alive a minute or two later. Then I had to start nudging it a bit to see some life.

But last night, even after some nudges, there was no life.

It was gone.

Don't worry, the cat is ok. But not the TV.

My TV died yesterday. I have no clue what was going wrong. I could turn it on, it would work well for a number of minutes and then shut off. At first it would be a minute or two and it would click back on. That 2 minutes soon became 5, then 10. I noticed I could give it a nice Fonzie smack and it would come back on. But that stopped working effectively. I pounded it pretty good last night (all in an effort to watch the Brewers game). But it never came back. In fact, there wasn't any of the usual responses.

So I guess I am in the market for a new TV. I don't think I even owned this one for 10 years. The old one I gave to my mother still works fine and that on is going on 20 years. I probably could get it fixed, but it would cost close to a new one. What is the point then?

I probably should go HDTV, but don't see the point. So I could get a handful of shows and sporting events that look extra sharp. So what. I don't need anything huge either. 32-36 is fine. I could go LCD. That would satisfy my need.

But do I need Hi Def? Give me some feedback people.


PokahDave said...

I heard that the 'DLP' flat screens are the best bang for the buck...I myself have a 36" Toshiba Tube....It's like a movie screen in my small living room.
By the way, Mike's hard lemonade was just what the doctor ordered for the 1,000 degree temps. last night....

J. Gambino said...
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J. Gambino said...

I have seen the Hi Def and I believe it is overrated. Do you really need that much clarity? Go with the plasma. You don't have to pay for special converters or HD channels then either.

Hey Jo said...

I think that you will like the HD. Both of our tvs are HD. If you have cable, the HD DVR is like 3 bucks more a month.

HD for dish sucks. You have to buy a special converter to watch pay stations. Another converter to watch local free stations, and the DVR is another box. One reason we switched back to cable.

I don't think that there is much difference in price any longer. We got the tv in the basement for 300 bucks at Sam's club. The same set at Best Buy was almost 100 bucks more.

Some shows like Lost are cool to watch in HD. The scenery shots are awesome. Same thing with the Discovery channel. Other show, who cares. Watching sports also kinda nice. Each blade of grass looks so sharp and clear.

If you stop over some time, you can check out ours and see the difference.

AWE said...

I have an HD in the bedroom and I get no benefit from it because I don't pay the extra for the channels. I don't know why the hell I bought the thing.

Pokerwolf said...

If you're watching sports, HD is a much better experience than normal TV.

You always see the hockey puck, you don't lose a home run ball in the lights, and you see every cleat on the shoes of the guy who was just planted into the turf by a wicked tackle.