Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sailors win! Sailors win!

I survived meeting day. Overall it wasn't that bad. I believe the boss realized that it wasn't going to take all day and rather than trying to fill time, decided to get it over with.

I was fortunate enough to get back to my desk to find a pile of work waiting for me. Half the pile is still here. I wasn't about to stay late doing everything yesterday. Normally I would, but I wanted to get home and change. The department was going on a cruise of the Milwaukee River and Bay.

Yes, I was going to be on a boat in the toilet!

There was also free beer.

The "cruise" itself was ok. It is interesting to view the city from the water. You see the little things you never notice before from a different angle. The buildings along the river have been fixed up to offer boat access. All the condos that are being built look sharp. You never notice how many places have dining along the river. I would have thought it would stink more as well.

The lowlight of the "cruise" was when the beer ran out the what appeared to be students practicing their sailing skills. When I saw this group of about 15 boats that were all the same going through the same patterns, I immediately began cheering for someone to dump themselves into the toilet. Unlike some lucky people, the sailors won today. No one went into the drink. Maybe this was an advanced class. Still, I was disappointed. Like going to the Brewers game on Sunday, my team didn't win today. Yep, the sailors may have defeated the toilet on Tuesday, but next time, the brown tide will wave supreme!

Anyone aware of why the traffic was tied up by State Fair Park this morning? For some reason, a slew of people were showing up in white shirts and congregating there. The result was traffic was backed up on the freeway. I was tempted to give them the one-finger-salute-of-gratification but decided not to. This time. Of course the crackpot staff at the local paper has nothing on it. Not like that is news or something.

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djw said...

I heard there was some sort of prayer meeting/vigil and everyone was trying to get to State Fair parking lots.