Monday, August 28, 2006

Stomach survival

Cherry Pie good! Bud Light bad!

That sums up Saturday night. It is disappointing to get revved up for some good music but have to drink crap beer while doing so. That was the case this weekend as Serbian Days went on. It was a Bud event. No, I wasn't lucky enough for them to be pouring Rolling Rock. They had Labatt's somewhere, but my compadres weren't going to drink that. So I sucked it up, apologized to my belly for what I was going to put in it and drank the swill.

No wonder I didn't feel good yesterday. My stomach was angry that I had teased it with a number of Miller pints earlier. Kinda like tricking the dog to jump into the car just you can take it to the vet to get it's balls snipped. Just mean. I had to go to Hooters yesterday just to make my stomach happy again.

Funny how it would be the first time I would be seeing Cherry Pie perform a full set. The mic problems in the beginning weren't good. But they fixed that and proceeded to deliver on the hair metal. Bon Jovi (too many songs IMO), Def Leppard, Night Ranger (great acoustic version of Goodbye finished with the electric guitars- just like Night Ranger does live- impressive), Loverboy, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Skid Row. Some good stuff. Definitely will catch them again. Maybe this Friday as they seem to be playing in Oak Creek as well as the final stop of the Drinking for Jesus tour in September.

Wow, the summer is just about over. Mixed feelings there. The days are already getting shorter but that also means Lord Football is back! Time to truly get psyched up for the season.

I see Blogger has a new version in test. Anyone playing with it yet?


al said...

I also had a problem with the Bud. Woke up with a tad bit of a headache on Sunday. Now that does not occur when I drink Miller Lite. But I guess it was worth the good time

Hey Jo said...

FYI.. Lionsfest is also a Bud event. Would you really do that to your stomach two weeks in a row??

Erik said...

I'm surprised your stomach didn't go into full revolt from Bud. Mine would have.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

And you didn't carry the FLASK??? WHY??? Haven't I taught you anything??? ;)

StB said...

Ugh! Thanks for the heads up on Lionsfest Jo. Guess I have to pray they have some Rolling Rock this time around or I may just drink soda.

WG, you don't get it. I did not know they served only Bud. I did not have a chance to plan ahead and no, I do not carry a flask everywhere I go. That is too redneckish.

Then again, with planning, I could get me a fifth before heading out there this weekend.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Well sorry that is above and beyond you to carry a flask... A true member of the drinking team is always prepared!! ;) And I guess here's a one for JO's site: Rather be classified as a redneck for carrying a flask or A sorry sucker with a gut ache after drinking shitty beer!!!! Your choice! =)

AWE said...

I can sober up drinking Bud Light.

StB said...

Ok Whisky, who stuck a stick up your ass and named you queen liquor? Above and beyond to carry a flask? Screw you if you cannot read the entry I had over a year ago about the use of flasks. When going to a place where I intend to drink beer, I will not carry a flask. It is the intent. Only those with problems carry a flask with them every where they go.