Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Let's play with YouTube and the Shatner Roast

I found myself watching the William Shatner roast last night. Funny as hell! Of course, Jeffery Ross was on. The only funny stuff he does is on these roasts. His other work is barely noticed.

I also noticed some words you are allowed to say. You could say pussy, but not cunt. You could say dick, but not cock. Ass is ok, but add the hole at the end and it gets bleeped. Hell, it is cable. Let them say what they want when the repeats are on at midnight on a Sunday.

Another thing I found myself wondering was not why Betty White was on the show, but what the hell did Betty White do in her career that has made her a superstar? I only recall her doing tons of game shows. But somehow she is considered a legend. I don't get it. Well, she was funny on the roast. She had one of the best deliveries.

The sign is up! Hopefully it won't be too long before the margaritas are flowing. Last fall, the bar down the street from me closed down. It was rumored to have been sold and a supper club was opening up. Fine dining on a side street in Bay View? Yeah right! But that fell through as well. But the latest rumor looks true. Hector's is opening up a restaurant in Bay View. I expect to see flyers offering free margaritas stuck to my door. I will then go running up and down the street grabbing them for an easy drunk.

I do believe we may have to check them out when they open. You know, greet the new neighbors. Welcome them to the neighborhood.

Finally, I had to add this. I saw it on the Daily Czabe earlier and it has been cracking me up ever since.


Reenner said...

If you go to ibdb.com Betty White has done a ton of stuff. I thought she was just famous from her Golden Girls gig. Very Funny!

Remember when drinking margaritas....margaritas are like breasts...one is not enough, two if perfect and three is just gross. Someone told me that once and it is a rule I stick to with margaritas and martini's.

StB said...

Boob/margarita rule. Makes sense to me!

Sounds like what happens when you have margaritas at La Fuentes. The first one is so good that you don't notice the buzz. The second gets you drunk. The third one looks back at you and wonders what the hell you are thinking. The fourth one is calling you a cab.

J. Gambino said...
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J. Gambino said...

I also enjoyed the roast of Shatner. It will be shown on a Saturday at midnight soon. That is when they show the shows uncut and uncensored on "Secret Stash". I caght Pamela Anderson's roast there.

Reenner, I like the Margarita rule! Now, would the boob reference apply to the size of the margarita's as well?
2 margaritas in a small glass just leaves you wanting more.
2 margaritas in a normal glass is perfect.
2 margaritas in a jumbo glass gets you in trouble.

AWE said...

Good rule.

J - the jumbos always seem like a good idea at the time.

I forgot that roast was coming on. I will try to catch the rerun of it.