Sunday, August 13, 2006

What a letdown

Not much in this world sucks as much as anticipation a good concert and being let down.

Going into the Tesla show, I was already skeptical. It started at 8. They had to squeeze 3 bands into a 3 hour period. That was not going to work. Each act was going to play small sets. If we were lucky, Tesla may play for an hour. The show should have been starting at 7.

Didn't bother with Slaughter. Actually walked in as they were finishing Fly to the Angels, and as it turned out, their set. I guess they didn't even play Up All Night. That pissed off some people.

Skid Row then did their thing after a quick stage change. They did something different than the other two bands would. They played their hits. Sounded good and the crowd loved them. Strange part was they came on stage to the sound of the National Anthem and when they were done, they played Taps.

Tesla finally hit the stage around 10. And they opened with Comin Atcha Live Gettin Better Paradise ... War Pigs? Uh..ok. They followed with Into the Now, a song off their last studio album. Crowd looked a little restless. Then they finally played a song people were familiar with (ok, I don't recall if it was The Way it Is or Heaven's Trail). Followed up by Foxy Lady??? First Black Sabbath and now Jimi Hendrix. I thought I came to see Tesla play. Wait, back to Tesla with Love Song. But then another fuckin' cover song- Signs. Ok, they did this before but I had to go with the theme of them playing everything but their own music. In fact, they play half of another cover song later. They didn't play Song and Emotion, Changes, or Edison's Medicine. Even when they came out for the encore, they played something that may have been called Rock Bottom. Don't know, never heard it before. Roughly have of their set- only an hour- was playing cover tunes. WTF?

Needless to say, I was quite disappointed with the show. Skid Row was the best band that night. Tesla laid an egg. They sounded good. Cranked the music out, but I didn't get to hear their good stuff.

I had a better time at the dive bar we stopped into by the car. The Walk Her Inn. On Walker Street. Quite clever. Tiny little bar with cheap booze. The bartender knew my friend and we got a couple on the house. It was needed to get me over a bummer of a concert.

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Reenner said...

When I worked for a local radio station I arrange some station parties for Tesla and fans. What a bunch of great guys! Hosted a BBQ at Alpine Valley for Slaughter....what a bunch of jerks. Maybe that was the year they were stranded on the trail!

(I hope I didn't post this twice since it does not look like my last one posted...if so delete one)