Monday, August 14, 2006

No repeat Friday

Maybe it was a subconscious decision at first. Then after the first couple of drinks, the indecision that set in led to a decision that was easier to make. Have I lost you there? Or can't you decide?

I passed on Drinking for Jesus on Friday. Though the crowd may have be worth watching, the band wasn't going to be worth listening to. Thus, I decided a night at the bar talking with people and watching the Brewers was a good thing. Except that there wasn't anyone in the bar.

Maybe that is what led to my indecisiveness on the drinking front. I like to reserve Friday night for good booze. Whether it be liquor or beer, I rather drink something with more character that my regular beer, Lite. Usually, any of the local micro brews will do. But tonight I was hoping for something new and different. Unfortunately new and different doesn't work at Big Mommas so I settled into a comfort drink, Maker's & ginger.

I don't know how she figured out the cost of the drink but somehow it cost me $6.50! WTF? Should have been $4. Knowing that I would get enough booze for free eventually, I kept my mouth quiet and put my mind to work on what to imbibe next. Peering down the taps I saw the Blue Moon. I hadn't had any Blue Moon in a while. The Leinie's Sunset Wheat has pretty much replaced it on my drinking menu.

After the Blue Moon, I implored Sara the bartender to find me something new and different. She dug into the cooler and found some bottles. I passed on the lemony malt beverage and the Berghoff Dark for the Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald. The EF was a porter, dark with hints of chocolate and coffee. As I poured it into the glass, I just hoped the beer wasn't going to be a wreck. Ha! Get it. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Now that I have that song firmly implanted into your head (if you even know what I am talking about), let's get back to the beer. It was good. Not something I would drink a lot of, but would enjoy here or there.

From there it was on to the Sunset Wheat, the Paulaner Hefe Weiss, Heineken Light (Had to try it. Man was it skunky), some crap called Bavaria (very hoppy and skunky) and a bunch of shots. By the time I had left the bar, I hadn't repeated a single drink. After being indecisive on what to drink, I made the decision to be indecisive and not repeat any booze for the night.

I plan to do the same thing in a month at the Bash at the Boathouse. With the plentiful selection of beer they have in stock, a no repeat Friday may be in order once again. Let's see how that worked out last year:
I went on a tear trying as many different beers as I could. I started with
a blonde Abbey and quickly moved to the local brew, Yuengling (that is
pronounced Ying Ling). Not bad. Kinda reminded me of a hoppier Leinenkugel. I
also tried a Sly Fox, a nice wheat beer from a local brewery before topping it
off with some Rolling Rock. Now that I had the PA beers done, I went back to the
imports. A triple dunkel, then a Scottish ale. Some Red Stripe. There were more.
I just lost count. I know I had at least 10 different beers before switching to
Lite to cap the night.

The Bash at the Boathouse is just over a month out. Just thinking the beer has me drooling.

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