Friday, September 01, 2006

I was so hoppy

I had a plan for Thursday. At the least, a very loose plan. But it involved a decision. What to drink? I pondered that thought during my last hour of work. The Cowboys were playing the Vikings tonight in exhibition football so I thought maybe of pounding Captain & Cokes as Drizz may be doing. Of course, being up in Minnesota, he could actually watch the game. I was just happy to see the Cowboys were offering a live radio feed on the net.

So after I got home and did my usual routine, I decided on what to eat for dinner (went with making a chicken stir fry that was good, not great. Saved the steak for tonight), I took a walk down the street to Burt's. As I walked, I thought once again how great it is to have a liquor store a block away. Though I wouldn't mind moving out of the city, I don't know if I could handle not being able to amble on down the street, get some beer, and be back all within 7 minutes. Wait, make that 10 because sometimes I don't know exactly what I want.

That happened last night. I stood in front of the shelves of micro brew, figuring out what I wanted. There was a nice new imported blond (beer, not broad) in the cooler, but I wasn't shelling out $12 to try a sixer. I perused the bottles. Victory Monkey. Tire Bite. Full Tilt IPA. Wait, Full Tilt? I will be playing in a charity tournament on Full Tilt Poker tonight. That is a sign!

Yep, got the Full Tilt India Pale Ale. I cannot say I am a big fan of IPAs. I like them when in the mood, but don't drink them all the time. Sometimes they are too hoppy. Yes, I know you should taste the hops in IPAs. But I don't like it when they are overpowering. It may be your taste, but it is not mine.

Thankfully, I did not have to worry about the Full Tilt from the Harbor City Brewing Company being too hoppy. In fact, it was close to perfect. You got a full taste of the hops, but then the ale took over, leaving a nice clean aftertaste. When you finished one, you definitely wanted another. With a high alcohol content (I believe at 5.7), a 6 pack can give you a nice buzz. Try the Full Tilt IPA. You will probably enjoy it.

Hell, you have a 3 day weekend to enjoy it. I hope you have plans. I kinda do. I may be in Oak Creek to watch Cherry Pie. This time I am prepared for the Bud onslaught. I have alternatives in mind. There is a big difference between knowing they are not serving beer and getting there and being surprised. When you are surprised, you don't have a choice. I am not a friggin' Boy Scout. When you know they don't have beer, you can plan. I am hoping they have some Rolling Rock on tap this time. Otherwise plan B goes into effect.

I may be going to a Brewers game on Saturday. Hey, someone has too after they had the disastrous road trip. Another promising season gone bad. But this time, it was more injuries that play. Don't get me wrong, their play had something to do with it (just cannot win on the road), but the injuries to half of their lineup did not help.

Hope your weekend is a good one. Rock on with your bad selves!

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Kat said...

Saturday night at the ball park it's Robin Yount Bobble head night. So the game won't be a total waste. Next Saturday (9th) is Urban Playgound street festival on Brady Street. Whoo hoo! Open-Container-Fest!!! Better start training this weekend!!