Friday, September 15, 2006

Weekend exercising

Sometimes good ideas hit me too early in the morning. Once I got finish posting about Heineken beer, I thought "Hey, maybe I should round up the gang for Happy Hour!" But with a camping weekend on the horizon, I figured they were in "planning" mode and may not have the time. So I put the thought in the back of my head and got to working.

Later, as I paid my last respects to a co-worker who was leaving, he mentioned that they were going across the street for drinks after work. Drinks? Hmm... go home, work out, and maybe hit the bar...or...go across the street and hit the bar? Tough decision. Problem is that I knew I wouldn't get any exercise over the weekend. That is if you don't consider getting up from chair and going to the cooler exercise.

But I then figured I could patent a new exercise routine based on camping.
Carry cooler from truck to table, 20 feet- Weight training.
Rising from chair to get beer- Squats
Carrying wood- Weight training
Drinking beer- 12 ounce reducing curls
Walk to behind trees- Aerobics
Walk to cooler after drinking for hours- Balance
Washer game- Don't quite know but I am sure there is some kind of muscle working there.

Screw the spinning crowd!. Join the fitness craze that is sweeping the nation!

Anyways, I had the usual 3 beers before anyone showed up and had time to reflect on the day and the weekend ahead. That translates to watching the old fart in the corner read the paper and wondering how much the female bartender could bench press.

One beer led to another which led to volleyball which led to me just about losing my keys when I left them on the bar which led to the bartender trying to give me change for a ten when I gave her a twenty which led to her arguing with her husband which led to me leaving when the crapaoke started which led to me playing poker online when I got home. Did you get all that?

Off to the middle of nowhere soon. Thankfully the weather looks like it will be cooperating.

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