Monday, September 18, 2006

Giving Blood

I don't like being a pin cushion. Or being the main course on the bug buffet.

But if that is what it takes to enjoy the company of good friends, lots of beer, and a huge fire, well damn it all, I guess that is the sacrifice I had to make.

It was another fun weekend camping. The ribs on Saturday were great and the beer was cold all weekend. What more could you ask for? Well, a couple cans of Off! were necessary. As soon as you got out of the vehicles on Friday, those mosquitoes were all over you (later I would discover they were "barking" mosquitoes. Quite loud too!). There were buzzing you in the face, ears, arms, anywhere they could land to suck you blood. The Off! worked well for me once I got it on, but it wears off when you sleep. Thus, no matter how hard you try, those bugs will bite until you take another Off! shower.

I wish I could sum up how the Gambino less camping trip was. I think in one word it would be: Peaceful. Ha! Joke! Just kidding. Hope you feel a lot better but not too much better that you went to work. Take a day or two off so you can feel better and take care of my cat this weekend. I have some bashing to do!

By the end of the week, I will be on the East Coast, getting in some gambling in AC and some heavy drinking in Philly. Well, just outside of Philly. There is something about a cooler stocked with all kinds of different beer that make me weep. So much to choose from, so little time. But try try again I always say!

It was a bit of a relief to watch the Cowboys victory last night. Considering how the beat the Deadskins around for 56 minutes last year and still lost, I knew that a 7 point lead wasn't going to cut it going into the 4th quarter. But Bledsoe hooked up with Glenn for the bomb and Vanderjagt added on a long field goal- much to the relief of himself and the coach I bet- to put away those annoying 'skins.

The offense looked pretty good at times. I thought Jones ran the ball well. Bledsoe bounced back as he has in the past. The offensive line held strong as well. Picked up the few blitzes that came and didn't really yield a sack (the only one I recall was when a RB didn't pick up his guy). Too many dropped passes though.

Defensively, they came to play. Could have used more pressure on the QB but got the sacks when they counted. Brunell looked like, well, Brunell. Forced to scramble and throw the ball short many a time. Coverage was great on Moss. They say Newman is coming into his own this season and last night it looked like it. I don't think the Deadskins threw a single deep pass last night. If so, they were never a threat.

Penalty wise the game was kind of ugly. Lots of personal fouls. Some ticky tack but that was on both sides. I still don't know what the officials were doing on some calls. Like when is a penalty not a penalty? Greg Ellis, LB/DE for the Cowboys fights off the hold by the 'Skins tackle and sacks the quarterback. On the play there is a holding call in the defensive secondary. They pick up the offensive holding flag and penalize the Cowboys for the defensive hold because Ellis "fought through the hold to make the play". WTF? Because the player had to work harder to be the cheating, the penalty doesn't count? The play goes from a lost of 8 to a gain of 5. That just ain't right.

But a 99 yard drive will make you not worry about that. Nor will forcing the Skins to turn the ball over on downs late in the 4th quarter. Or sacking the quarterback on the final play of the game, after the prevent defense allows them to move the ball inside the 10 and try for a moral boosting touchdown. I feel happy today know the Cowboys did not allow an offensive touchdown by the Deadskins.

Terrell Owens update: Left the game in the 4th quarter with a broken finger and will be out 2-4 weeks. The injury supposedly came during the first couple of plays, which could explain why he dropped a number of balls. He ended up catching 3 for just 19 yards. I guess CJ is quite happy with that. With his bEagles losing, they fell from 1st place to 3rd. Ouch!

Finally, I have updated the comments area with Haloscan. The beta Blogger sucks. Everyone should be able to leave comments now. Yeah, I know that has been killing you. Now get to work!

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