Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ahhhhhh, its Helloween!!!

Kinda sad how they take a nice 13 minute song and chop it up to make a 4 minute video. Oh well, better than nothing.

I had to check my butt for scabs this morning as my ass was dragging all day yesterday. I was so out of it. When I got home, I fell on the couch, started watching Most Haunted Live, and promptly fell asleep when it was over. I was dead to the world.

Most Haunted Live is on today and tomorrow as well. Last night was the Blair Street vaults in Edinburgh, Scotland. Some weirdish stuff, but nothing too frightening. They say that the place they are going today is one of the worst spots they have ever been at. Should be a good one.

One thing that does crack me up on the Live shows is the interactive features they have. There are 4 live web cameras mounted in various rooms of the place they are investigating. People will watch these things online and text them what they think they see. They will run these "reports" on a crawl at the bottom of the screen. Makes me think there are some real nut cases out there. I have looked at these cams and never see a thing. Meanwhile, Gertrude in Trent on Scott is reporting a dog eating a T-bone by a tall man with a beard wearing a leotard. What has Gertrude been drinking and where can I get some?

Maybe I should send a message that says "StB from Milwaukee sees nothing and thinks you are all bonkers."

I do have most of the Scariest Places on Earth on the DVR to watch over the next couple of days. Can't wait to see the Bunnyman Bridge episode as well as the Waverly. Good stuff.

Work is going to be a peach today. I hadn't been here for 5 minutes until 3 people had me ranting about their idiocy. Completing a form isn't that hard, yet most people cannot do it. One person didn't even do the form, and another is fighting a losing battle and doing too much whining in the process. All I know is my boss better not cave in on the whiny guy's side. That will piss me off. I may even tell her to take this job and shove it if she will not let me do the job as I see fit.

One final scary note. John Kerry proves himself to be the biggest ass munch in the country. Man, am I glad he is not president. Talk about a horror story.

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