Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thowin' it on the wall

Let's see what sticks when I just throw shit on the wall:

On the second night of Most Haunted Live, something was scratching the crew as the taunted a demon. Yeah, that is a nice move. Piss something off that you cannot see and let it make you bleed. Great job!

I bet the Ghost Hunters didn't do that last night. I DVR'd the 6 hour block they had going on Sci Fi. I think they were out in Colorado or wherever they taped the Shining.

It was a bit nipply this morning. I wonder if I should have turned the heat on for my tenants?

Was it wrong to be aroused by the cute girl on the freeway who was sucking on a lollipop? That made me turn the heat in the car down a couple of notches.

Bob Barker is retiring next year. How would you like that job? Replacing Barker would have to be one of the toughest gigs in the world. If Louie Anderson gets the spot, I will never watch the Price is Right again.

Speaking of changing jobs, how would you like to be the poor guy the Packers just signed off of the Chicago Bears practise squad? That has got to be rough. You go from a potential Super Bowl team to one that may not win more than 6 games. Ouch! Guess it could be worse. He could have been signed by Detroit.

More ESPN announcer has been booted off the air for a week for saying that something was gay. He described catching a football and caressing it. He said it sounded gay. Why? Because it did! Yes, our stupid politically correct world punished him for that comment. Funny, I remember an episode of Dr. Who last year where Rose said something was gay. Slang dictionaries have it as being something stupid. Heck, the Brits can use it, it is time we Americans sucked it up and did too. But not in a gay way.

Just because it was Halloween yesterday, it was not an excuse for women to wear ugly, themed sweaters to work. Seriously, I do not think it is proper attire to wear some yarn with witches, bats, or pumpkins all over it. Who buys something like that, let alone wear it? Unless of course it shows off the rack extremely well. Then I will stare at the pumpkins.

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