Sunday, October 01, 2006

Comfortably numb

I knew what the decision would mean. If I stopped in for a beer, there was no way I would be driving home last night. After downing a number of beers at BW3s, I figured that I didn't want to go home and rest before drinking the night away. Rest is for losers.

But I didn't expect the shots barrage. I was just looking to shoot the shit with the bartender at Big Mommas until people showed up. But no, the owner shows up and starts sending shots my way. Yes, life is hard.

But I do recall everything I did. I recall playing quarters and never buying a shot. I recall the football game. I recall the asshole bikers that showed up and were being dicks outside. And I recall handing my keys over so I wouldn't do something really stupid like trying to drive.

I had a great time last night just hanging out with friends. Got nice and drunk just socializing with some good people. That is how a birthday should be spent.

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