Monday, October 02, 2006


I had myself quite an enjoyable weekend. After a day of drinking on Saturday, I was up around 8 on Sunday. Just not a person that is able to sleep in. Didn't matter. It gave me time to read the paper and get some stuff out of the way.

I had my heart set on going out to watch the Cowboys game. Most Cowboys games end up on TV anyway, but there are times where you must head out yonder to enjoy America's Team play some football. Location of choice in Milwaukee is Romine's on the south side. The people at Romines are quite smart. They know they can get a crowd by catering to this group of fans.

I would say 80 people were there just for the Cowboys game. It is a nice feeling to walk in, see the Cowboys jerseys all over the place (mainly Roy William's 31). You feel like you are meeting family you didn't know you had. The giant screen TVs in front were both tuned in for our viewing. After a sluggish start, the 'Boys got their feet under them and began to lay the whooping on the poor Titans.

I only drank about 5 beers before the lack of good sleep settled in. The first beer was great. The second refreshing. But the rest just quenched my thirst. I made it through the game, but my couch would soon be calling. There I could lay and just rest. The cat liked that. He quickly fell asleep on top of me.

Not sure if I will go out tonight to watch the Packer game. Still a possibility.

Terrell Owens update- 5 catches for 88 yards. It appeared he had a touchdown but it was waived off. In review, the ball did hit the ground. Beside his incident during the week- one the team wasn't really affected by- he still produces as promised. Can't believe I am going to defend him but people should give up the suicide talk. If the guy had taken 30 pills of the hyrdocodone as accused, there is no way he would have been able to give the press conference the next day. He did not have his stomach pumped. Even if he had, the drugs would have been in his system and it would have showed. The press needs to back off. The Cowboys will do their own investigation and get him the help if he needs it.

Speaking of receivers, Owens make get the attention, buy Terry Glenn gets the touchdowns. Glenn has been absolute money for the Cowboys the last couple of years. Does the job without complaining and has even managed to stay healthy. Methinks it is time to get me a #83 jersey to honor a player who quietly does what the fans want.

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