Monday, October 09, 2006

Football hangover

I still feel the pain from yesterday's loss. Even after reading the beer induced post I had yesterday- which I was tempted to delete because of the sheer stupidity of it- I don't feel any better.

Two bad passes.

Two bad passes.


Maybe doing some work will help. Well, actually not. I do wish my boss wouldn't set up 2 hour meetings at the end of the day. I really should have come in late today to make up for the extra time I will have in this afternoon.

After having a close encounter with local law enforcement on Friday, I came close on Saturday night as well. Apparently they had speed traps set up on 794. I saw the sheriff on the side of the road right away and adjusted my speed downward. Just ahead of me, two drivers weren't as lucky. I even saw a third guy pulled over another mile down the road.

With the weather changing, snow is possible later this week, the number of days of driving the Mustang gets smaller (I was going to type "grows" smaller but can something grow smaller?). Soon I will have to bust out the Explorer for extended driving. It also means I need to take it in for a brake job.

I am not happy with the Explorer lately. Beyond the brake job, it has a nagging electrical issue. If I don't drive it every couple of weeks, the battery gets weak. I had the battery replaced a year ago so that shouldn't be the problem. Something is draining it and the mechanic has no clue. Thus, when I attempted to go mow the lawn this weekend I couldn't because the truck wouldn't start. I grabbed the jumper but the charge was low there. The lawn at my mother's house would have to wait another couple of days before it would be cut. Probably a jungle by now.

But with the Explorer ticking me off, I have begun to think about getting a new winter vehicle. I am thinking of getting a smaller SUV. Either and Escape or a RAV4. I need something that can get through the snow and carry a mower and snow blower. I don't need a big vehicle, just something with capacity inside. Plus, better gas mileage would be a plus. Any thoughts/suggestions/insights into these vehicles is appreciated.

Damn, just thought about the 'Boys loss again. Work sure the hell ain't helping me today.

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