Sunday, October 22, 2006


Let the record show, I am not a fan of Monday Night Football. My Cowboys are playing tomorrow. Not today, tomorrow. I don't like that. Face it, MNF is not what it used to be. It is not a showcase game. It is just a reason to have to wait another 29 hours to watch my team play football. Just give me a Sunday game.

At least the Sunday night games are good games now. That is your game of the week. Ok, usually as the Denver/Oakland game was a snoozer, but so far those games have been good. Should be interesting to see how many games get switched to the Sunday night game next month. The flexible scheduling the NFL has instituted should give the fans some great football to watch come Sunday night.

If you are still awake. In the next hour, I shall be at Big Mommas hoisting pints as the feeble crowd comes in to watch the Packers. Two weeks ago, there were 12 people in the bar(not including employees- 3) at kickoff. I place the over/under at 11 this week. Who wants to place a bet?

On a side note, have you ever noticed that you cannot simply buy a normal package of toilet paper anymore? What used to cost about a buck for 4 rolls, now comes only in 12 or 24 packs, or 4 packs that are "double rolls" or "super absorbent" (I hate to think who needs TP that is "super absorbent"), all costing the buyer 3-7 bucks. I guess the nice people at Kimberly Clark are basically saying that everyone is full of shit.

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