Friday, October 27, 2006

Hocus Pocus by Focus

I woke up on the couch at 11:20 last night. Last thing I remember was the Ghost Hunters about to tell some guy about their findings at the OK Corral. Don't know if the place is haunted or not. I guess I will have to check the episode again.

I guess drinking all the beers available on tap at the Milwaukee Ale House while on an empty stomach may do that to you. Knock you into slumber land when you don't expect it. But the beer was good enough so I can't complain.

About the beer that is.

I think a ball peen hammer should come mandatory in all vehicles. Now that it is still dark out when I make the morning commute, I have started to notice a number of cars that have only one working headlight. You know those a-holes. The ones that put on their high beams (not the kind of high beams I like) so it appears both lights are working. Well, they always seem to be driving right behind me. It seemed like this happened each day this week. Get the headlight replaced. Don't blind people.

Thus, the ball peen hammer. I believe I should have the right to bust out both headlights to punish the person for their laziness. I can follow them to their destination, pound out the lamps, and prevent them from driving when their is no sunlight. All while playing Hocus Pocus by Focus (or any of the many covers that have been done). That is the plan. Who is with me?

A drunken Badger weekend is planned. Going out for the football game at 11, cavorting with co-eds afterwards, hockey game at 7, and State Street once the horn sounds. I intend to bring my camera to catch some of the crazy costumes that may be on parade. Only downside to the weekend is having to be up early tomorrow to travel. Oh well. You gotta do what ya gotta do.

I see that there is rain in the forecast for the World Series Game 5. After watching the rain delay at the bar on Wednesday, I think that Cardinal fans may among the stupidest in the world. Fox kept coming back to the stadium to give updates on whether the game would be played. Each time they did, they showed the "die hard fans" in their seats. Each time I kept thinking how dumb are these people. It is a new stadium. It is raining. Shouldn't they be inside at a bar or restaurant? Maybe by a TV to see a radar picture and trying to get an idea of when the rain would stop? Noooooo! These numbskulls sat in their seats, with plastic all over them, trying to stay dry and watched the puddles collect on the tarp. Not the brightest people. Heck, they drink Bud. More proof they are a couple bottles short of a case.

How am I going to get through the day with all the fun stuff going on this weekend? Won't be easy. BTW, for the record, I am not putting on any costume this weekend. I plan to enact the classic standbys I have used for the last number of years. So if anyone asks what I am going as for Halloween, I shall reply:
  • Drinker
  • Drunk guy (this is the past tense of drinker, a subtle shift as the night comes to an end)
  • The visible man.

Enjoy your Halloween. Rock on with your ghoulish bad selfs.

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