Thursday, October 26, 2006

Damn that was a good cookie

But they usually are.

It was a good way to get myself out of the shock. When I walk into Big Momma's, I expect to get a cold beer, have good conversation, and have a lovely lady behind the bar. It's just the way it has been. The place has always had women bartenders. Good looking bartender. Hot chick bartenders. It was the way Pete did business when he owned the place. He had some guys around as managers but he knew the best way to get the crowd happy was some T&A pouring the liquor.

Thus my shock when I walk in to enjoy a couple buckets of beer that I see some hulking biker dude behind the bar. WTF? No ML? No Sara? Am I in the right bar?

Damn, I was was. There was Gambino with her husband and E playing the video slots. I think I stumbled up to the bar and got my beer. Once the initial shock wore off, I asked Gambino what the hell was going on with Herman Munster behind the bar. She told me the story. Basically he was H's replacement. We go from cute, busty blonde to big dude. That is gonna take some getting use to.

But at least there were cookies. Cookie Mike was in the house to celebrate his birthday. This guy makes EVER. Hands down. None better. It can be tasty chasing the Lite down with a chocolate chip cookie. I think the sugar gives you a nice boost of energy to drink more but the scientific studies have not been performed yet.

Thankfully it is Thursday. One step closer to the weekend. I will be out in Madision for Badger hockey on Saturday. We may try to get tickets for the football game as well. A double dipping of Badger sports makes for a good weekend.

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