Saturday, October 07, 2006

Prayers and bacon redemption

Ever wonder who many Our Fathers or Hail Marys one can say in a 2 minute span?

The answer is 12.

It would be higher if I wasn't also saying "Please don't put on your lights and pull me over. Please, please, please don't put those lights on."

Bowling was great. Bowled pretty damn good if I say so myself. 195-225-146. Yeah, the alcohol had taken over by the last game. The 225 is a personal best and it may have won be the prize for top score. May have as some people didn't turn in their print outs as they were suppose to. I think it gets me a sweatshirt. A hoodie nonetheless. Hey, got to have a garage for the head.

So after 4 hours of drinking, I felt fine. Not trashed but if a sheriff were to stop me, it would not be fun. Thus I was praying pretty hard when I wizzed by a dark sheriff car** doing 65 in a 50 zone. I just had to get by a mile stretch of freeway and to the exit so I could hit side streets if necessary. Thankfully, no lights came on.
**Can a sheriff in Wisconsin park on the side of the road, not have any light on in the vehicle and then pursue you and pull you over? Back in college a friend insisted that they needed to have their headlights on if they were on active duty, in order to pull anyone over. Can anyone substantiate that claim? I figure he had a sleezeball lawyer get him off a ticket by arguing so.

I rewarded myself by getting a pizza. Yeah, I drove to get that. Hey, I was on a rush. Got to press the good luck.

I guess my luck ran out this morning. I hate to admit this, but I burnt the bacon this morning. I know some people may have gasped at the notion and are probably cursing my name for treating such a tasty part of the pig with so much disrespect. I didn't intend to burn it. I was doing other stuff and let it go too long.

As penance, I ate the burnt bacon. Tossing it out would have brought about some really bad karma. So every burnt bit went into my belly.

As the morning hours passed, I just felt bad about the bacon. So to get back on the good side of the Pork Gods, I made some for lunch. Perfectly made, mind you. I hope the piggies look good on me now.

I was going to post a picture of the old boots for Aleta, but Blogger has an issue with that. The pic thing works for shit sometimes. Plus, it is making me log in 20 times just to post.

Off for more beer and bowling. On that note, I leave you with a bit of advice. Avoid drinking tap beer in a bowling alley whenever possible. I am sure there are exceptions to the rule, but it usually tastes like shit. Most place rarely clean those beer lines. Remember, beer is not suppose to be chunky or have floaters. Even Budweiser doesn't.

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