Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Screw You Bill Frist!

I touched on this topic yesterday at the poker blog. My government has let me down. The ass munch Bill Frist tacked on a ban on internet gaming onto a security bill in order for it to pass. He backdoored millions of honest Americans who either like to play poker or place a wager on a sporting event.

See, you cannot blame anyone who voted for the Port Security Act. Hell, you would have been a bigger schmuck if you had voted against. But the attachment of the ban on internet gaming was downright low. Frist knew it probably wouldn't pass on its own. It is an attempt to look like he is protecting people from the evils of online gaming. Screw you Bill Frist!

The evils that people choose themselves. No one is forcing anyone to place a bet online. They knowingly get themselves involved. If they lose all their money, so be it I say. They deserve to spending their own money foolishly (like I do at times). Isn't that a freedom offered in America?

At this point, it doesn't really change much. The interpretation on how it may affect poker sites is debated. My money is sitting across a couple different sites. I don't intend to withdraw the funds, except for one site that I hardly play at. None have sent me an email stating they will be closing my account or making it inactive until they have decided how to proceed. In fact, I look forward to playing some tonight.

Maybe a Screw You Bill Frist tournament?

And this assclown wants to be our next President. That scares me. Not as much as Nancy Pelosi having some serious power, but very freakin' close. If he can get bills passed that make him happy, I hate to see what he would do next.

Screw You Bill Frist!

I only feel a bit better saying that. That buttmunch also cost me some money. One of my favorite stocks got clobbered yesterday. Cryptologic was in a nice place, ready to announce good earnings yet again. Instead, it gets knocked down. Now the temptation to buy some more here is high. But it is best to get a handle on how much revenues will decline without the American market. But if I hear any whiff that the bill may be overturned or altered to allow poker, I am hopping right back in.

Until then, Screw You Bill Frist!

Now I just realized the bill was passed on my birthday. How can I celebrate ever again?


Maybe I should have stayed at the bar longer last night. After all, I had experienced the worst radio broadcast in person. Sports radio doesn't appear to be rocket science. You get people to call in and express their views on the topic- in this case the Packers- and you have a conversation. If you are doing a live broadcast, wouldn't it make sense to have the people in that bar be part of the broadcast? Talk to the guy at the end of the bar hoisting his tap of Miller High Life and get his view on the team. Speak to the chick with the 8 year old Favre jersey that is in dire need of replacement because she stupidly puts it in the dryer. Talk to the Cowboys fan about what it is like to watch real football.

Or maybe just stand behind your little console and take phone calls, like you could have done back at the studio while some ugly chick hands out plastic water bottles and pens. Yeah, that is exciting.

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