Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who'll stop the rain?

It is raining once again. It's makes a nice pattering sound as it hits the metal roof just above me at work. It is quite relaxing in the morning.

Mother Nature has been putting on her fireworks display over the last 3 days in Wisconsin. Bright flashes have been seen in the night time sky for each of the past nights. Lots of rumbling thunder to wake you up in case the power has been knocked out and your radio is flashing 12:00 at you over and over.

The first two days didn't seem to be that rainy in Milwaukee. Or at least not when I had to get around. This morning was different. The rain was falling hard. A heavy downpour predictably slowed traffic on the way to work. Is it too much to ask people to stay right if they do not care to drive the speed limit? I don't think so. Especially the idiot puttering along at 40mph- 40 mph!!!- who was in the left lane by the stadium. He practically came to a stop to let 2 cars merge in front of him. Hey, if you are scared to drive in the rain, then don't. If you must, take a side street. Bluemound Avenue will get you to your destination as well as I-94 will. You are not being safe. You are a moving hazard, an accident waiting to happen. Get out of the way!

Looks like it is still raining out there. Some lightening in the sky. My guess is it continues there will be flash flood warnings by noon.

Looking towards the weekend (who doesn't on Wednesday?), I find myself trapped in a bowling weekend. Friday is a fund raiser for work, Saturday a family thing. Worst part: Friday may be a dry event. Being a work thing, there is a good chance they may freak out and prohibit drinking. It shouldn't be. I tossed back a couple brews with the head of the department one time. But the underlings will panic. But there is free soda. Hmm... how do you spell flask again?

Come to think of it, a flask could easily fit in the bowling bag....

Good to hear the Blonde is ok. I was beginning to wonder if she had disappeared for good. After all, she still hasn't paid off a bet from last year. Shame! Hmm...Cowboys/Iggles game (Cowboys +2 1/2- they shave a 1/2 point off the 3pt homefield advantage) is on this weekend. I would go for double or nothing but last I checked, double nothing is more nothing. Can there be such a thing as more nothing?

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