Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another reason why I hate dumb people and lawyers

I am about to go into a meeting. It is a video conference meeting with me and a bunch of Californians. Yes, it is going to feel like the StB show as I will be the only one on this side of the conference in a big room. StB TV is on the air!

What scares me though is the Calif people. I just read this story about a lady who is suing Kraft because the guacamole was not "avacadoey" enough. Un-fuggin believable!

Yes, nothing says authentic guacamole like Kraft! Even the label says it has less than 2% avocado. You want great guac? Make it yourself or go to a Latino grocery store. They will give you a good recommendation on what brand to buy. I highly doubt it will be Kraft.

I won't even get into her saying it wasn't "avacadoey" enough.

It is bullshit like this that pisses me off. If I owned Kraft stock, I would try to sue this lady for a frivolous lawsuit and wasting shareholder money by having the company defend itself.

Man do I hate stupid people like this and the stupid lawyers who take up the case.

Hey, wait a minute...does this mean I can sue Anheuser Busch because Bud Light doesn't taste like beer though they call it beer?

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