Thursday, November 30, 2006

Batten down the hatches...

...there is a snow storm a comin'!

On December first, our area could change from the rainy, dreary, grass-is-a-dying look to a white, winter wonderland. Ain't that nice?

I heard the news this morning as I was brushing my teeth. I wasn't paying close attention so I did not know whether the blizzard was hitting us today or tonight. Just in case, I made the decision to drive the Explorer. Looks like the Mustang driving days of 2006 are finished.

Guess I should take a good look around for the shovel tonight. If my tenants moved it to some unknown place in the basement, I will not hesitate to wake them up tomorrow morning (5:45 am) to have them tell me where the hell it is. I doubt I will be shoveling tomorrow morning as they only expect about 2 inches overnight. When I hear my neighbor scraping away at 5:30, I will take a look and make the call.

The anal snow shoveling neighbor. He makes for a damn good alarm clock.

Work should be a breeze today. Except for the late meetings. I told my boss I had capacity (nice buzz word meaning I have all my shit done) yesterday. I offered to help with some stuff she was working on and was told she would email me some stuff to look over and verify. Of course I received nothing. Thus I figure I made my offer; if she doesn't want me to do any work today, then it must be good.

If only I could play poker at work...

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