Friday, November 24, 2006

Cowboys win + Maker's Mark = One great Thanksgiving

What a great country we live in. Only here in the United States do we deem the fourth Thursday a national holiday so everyone can watch the Dallas Cowboys play football. Feels good that I get a day off to watch America's Team play on national TV. Only the Cowboys are worthy of such a day. I hope everyone enjoyed it like I did.

I had to drive up to Grafton for dinner. My brother host Dallas Cowboys day- er Thanksgiving- each year. It is kinda weird how he bought a house about 2 blocks from where my grandparents used to live as well as some cousins. I drove down that street yesterday to take a look at the house and yard I used to run around as a kid. The grandparents place looked pretty much the same, except for a garden taking up a chunk of the huge backyard.

I slowly passed the house and turned the corner down the street that would lead to my cousin's house. Funny, I always thought this street was a lot longer. Their house looked pretty much the same. So did the killer hill. That is still a big hill.

Once I got to my brothers house, timing it just right to get their just before the game started, I got a beer and headed to the TV. Yep, social guy I am. Actually I did talk with my mother for a couple of minutes before I was summoned to the TV down in the rec room.

It is very interesting how this Cowboys season is turning out. At 7-4 with a chance to take over first place in the NFC East. They should be 8-3. Thought they gave up a touchdown on the opening drive, the defense would stiffen up and yield very little once the Cowboys got the lead. Digging themselves an early hole has become common, something I am not happy with. But they battle back to get some points on the board every time. Give the defense a lead and they will keep it.

Is Tony Romo the real deal? Looks like he is, but I am taking the Parcells approach. I love how Romo is playing but common sense says to see more out of him. Game by game he is winning me over. Don't be surprised if you see me sporting a Romo jersey soon.

One of the best things about the Cowboys is we may just have the best QB in the NFC right now with an argument that he is playing QB better than anyone in the NFL at this time (it can be argued, but I would stick with Peyton Manning). The spark he has given the team has been amazing. They are playing at a high level of confidence. That is needed with a big game on the horizon against the Giants. A win there and a strong playoff run is certain.

One other thing you have to love about Romo. No, not Jessica Simpson. The guy is taking everything in stride and is extremely humble. Being the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys puts you in a demanding position. Everyone knows who you are. You are instantly hated and loved at the same time. As Romo has led the team to victory, he has not let any of this go to his head. That is refreshing in today's sports.

Did anyone else in Milwaukee notice the reporter from local station WTMJ down in Dallas to Romo after the game? With the Packer season just about over, some people are going to become Cowboys fans once again.

After the game and feasting was over, I left around 8 and headed out. A friend had called and wanted someone to drink with. Hey, I am someone to drink with! So I headed up to Big Mama's to relax a bit. After a big meal, some Maker's and ginger was a great idea. Those really hit the spot. Drinking the Maker's was like having a nice liquid dessert. Better than pumpkin pie.

As we drank and talked, I could help but notice the different faces in the bar. Not many bars are open on Dallas Cowboys day. Thus, people will go about anywhere to get their booze later at night. The crowd here was interesting. It was a mix of people that had no family or Thanksgiving meal and those who needed a drink to relieve the family stress. You had the regulars out, some shit-faced by now and the people that were in there for the first time.

I was enjoying watching the drunk lesbian. The Bomb Pops were beginning to take their effect. Each time she got up from her stool, she was close to falling. Eventually, she would go down many times in a heap. Each time she did, someone could be heard saying "Down goes Frazier!" in their best Howard Cosell voice. It got so entertaining that I whipped out the camera phone and started to film her, hoping to get her crashing to the ground. Yep, I love watching a train wreck happen, and this locomotive was going full blast.

Boom goes the dynamite and she hits the floor after stumbling and spilling a beer. Next she someone managed to wobble from one end of the bar to the other to get cigarettes. If it weren't for all the people she was bouncing off of, she would have never made it. Watching her try to get the bills into the machine was entertaining as well. Though she went to get cigs, I expected her to come back with 5 bags of pretzels bitching and moaning because she kept pressing the wrong buttons. Soon enough someone would drive her home. Though she said she didn't drive to the bar and would be walking home, I don't think she was able to handle that simple task.

I enjoyed the company of some friends, drank my whisky and soon headed out just past midnight. A Cowboys win, a great meal and some Maker's Mark made for a great Thanksgiving.

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