Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So far so good

So what.

Apparently anyone who starts early is off today. I am alone in my wing of the building.

Like a fat kid at McDonalds, I'm loving it!

I have Pandora playing (Def Leppard's Let's Get Rocked!) loudly. I am ready to take my shoes off. Hell, I may take my pants off. Ok, maybe not. But I possibly could.

It would be great if no one else was working around me today. I would say awesome but I working that word out of my vocabulary. It is totally overused today. To some people, everything is awesome. Not everything is full of awe. So let's dump the word.

Now playing...Bon Jovi, Living in Sin.

Looking over the workload today, I have stuff to get done, but that is maybe a half hour's worth. Looks like I'll be reading blogs today.

Now playing...Out of Sight, Hell is for Heroes.

Damn, someone else just showed up. Have to put my pants back on.

For the record, I took Detroit, Dallas, and Kansas City tomorrow. Yep, took the Lions. Saw them play too many kick ass football games on Thanksgiving Day. Plus, I am not buying this Dolphin hype. Harrington in Detroit is a loser.

Now playing...Ratt, Luv Sick.

Out of coffee. Should I get more? The Alterra Turkey Trot is good. Full body, nice flavor, no bitterness. I think that is a yes.

That is it for now. But I may be back.


Another person showed up. Better not tell me to turn the music down. Now playing, Van Halen, Jamie's Crying.

Damnit, there is another. AC/DC and their dirty deeds just came on. They may give me an idea.

If you havin trouble with a co-worker
They don't like tunes you play
They want you to turn it way down
Don't want to listen to that all day
Pick up the fax
And with a couple whacks
They won't have much to say
I stand and grin
As the blood begins
To flow away

Ok, back to work. And I'll try to stay away from the fax machine. Uh oh, Winger just came on. Must change! Judas Priest, Some Heads Are Gonna Roll. Much better.

Just got back from helping Anheuser Busch make beer. Little known fact I will clue you in on: AB's water is supplied by the Milwaukee Sewer District. Every time I stand in front of the urinal, I make some Budweiser. That is why their beer tastes like piss.

The music has been an interesting mix.
Primal Fear, Eye of an Eagle
Tesla, Comin' Atcha Live
Kiss, 2000 Man
Boston, Party
April Wine, I Like To Rock
Rick Springfield, Love is Alright Tonight
Triumph, Somebody's Out There
Styx, Great White Hope

Ok, I am on cruise control for the rest of the day. I have sent out a bunch of emails in the process of getting my work done. I wonder if any of those dunderheads are going to call and say they don't need to respond. If so, I get the Rooster on them. You don't mess with the Rooster.

Interesting twist on the Imans being taken off a plane earlier in the week. One of them is calling for a boycott of US Airways. Really? So, if all Muslims listen to this guy, they will not fly US Airways? That may just send ticket sales skyrocketing at the airline! If they guy was smart, he would insist they fly the airline as other people may not feel safe on it with a majority of Islamic patrons. Instead, you have flights that won't have jihadists trying to crash them into buildings. Sounds like a good deal to me.

It saddens me to see this story. Antonio Bryant was drafted by the Cowboys back in 2002. He was seen as a future #1 receiver. Unfortunately, he has an major attitude problem and can't keep his head on straight. Hopefully he can get beyond this.

Trying to figure out what to have for lunch. I may go with a chicken and bacon sandwich. Hopefully the soup is a good selection for the day. But before I do, I think I will go fill out a ballot for the NFL Pro Bowl. Must write in Tony Romo.

I decided not to go to a party on Friday. First it is a karaoke party. Lately, it has not been my thing. I find the "singing" to be annoying. Thus, I wasn't committing to going. My decision was made today when the person throwing the party harped on my non-committal for the 3rd time. There will be around 30 people jammed into a small basement and a small kitchen. That does not sound like a good time. Plus, he is one of those people who tries to get everyone to sing. I can't help but wonder, if you have 30 people coming, why do you need to keep harping on me to be there? One other note- there are rarely any single women there.

Actually, I don't know if I will be going out tonight either. With Gambino on the shelf and it being an amateur night, I may grab a 12 pack and find a poker tournament to play.

Lunch was blah. Chicken sandwich with bacon. Not enough bacon on the sandwich.

Van Halen, Where Have All the Good Time Gone...
Good question Dave. Good question. I think the answer is just 15 days away in Vegas. Just got some work I have to get done. This will take all of 10 minutes. Maybe.

I just watched one of the strangest video clips from the Jerry Springer show. Midget fight! And boy does one take a whuppin. Thanks to Waffles for pointing it out.


Been wasting the day away. Just heard some Poison, Talk Dirty To Me. Then, I came across this:

It may be one of the most awfully great bunch of Christmas songs I have ever heard.

On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me... 4 quarts of Jack,
3 studded belts, 2 pairs of Spandex pants, and a tattoo of Ozzy!



I am out of here at the top of the hour. Don't know what I will do then. Probably go home, grab the bike and ride. There should be no traffic to contend with so that is good. Should I stop at the liquor store before or after the ride? Beer sounds damn good right now. So does leaving.

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