Sunday, November 26, 2006


In the end, two friends were arguing, one guy was yelling at me for sorting and changing a friend's cash, and DJW got a beer. After the two guys got done arguing. He flipped him the bird and walked out the door.

I don't really know why they were arguing. I don't know why I was giving him 5s for all the singles. I don't know why the other guy was yelling at me to stop. I had a pile of bills in front of me. I wouldn't steal my friend's money.

Maybe that was the deal. They lost. Big.

So they weren't happy. When I was done a chunk, it was not big deal. I was killing time and figured I would change the pace of the night by shaking dice as I drank.

The plan was to watch the USC/ND game. I liked USC by at least 10. The others guy had money on ND. That didn't help their mood either.

Before that I was at Hooters for dinner. I watch as two ladies brought in 3 old guys in wheelchairs that may have been retarded as well. I was asked if I would mind moving to a different table to help accommodate them. So I sat there wondering what the full story was. My friends were late (as usual) so I had nothing better to do. At first I tried to send the drunken lesbian video to Pauly but that didn't work. Instead I wondered why they they choose Hooters for dinner. Of all the places they could go to, Hooters was the choice. Could they fully comprehend the beauty around them? That bothered me a bit. I hope they were looking at the boobs around them. Hell, they could get away with it.

My wonderment ended when one of the ladies tried to get one of the guys to drink the Tabasco sauce. Yep, even old retarded guys in wheelchairs can be part of a prop bet.

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