Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to the grind

You know how rough it is getting back to work after 4 days of laying around. I was used to the system I had. Wake up, move to couch, watch Sports Center, sleep, get leftover food from fridge and eat, go back to couch, watch whatever was on DVR, take shower, go to bar, drink for hours on end, go home, play poker til the wee hours and crash.

Worked for me.

But today, the alarm went off and I had to...put clothes on?


Thankfully there weren't any bombs waiting for me when I turned my computer on. Lots of junk mail, but no pressing issues.

The junk mail is getting to be annoying. For some reason, they got rid of the spam filter we had been using. I now receive up to 10 of the same email, touting some penny stock each day. I do find some of the subject lines interesting, so they are doing their best to get around filters which makes it mildly amusing to me.

Just mildly.

Hey, did you see who is in first place in the NFC East? Amazing! The meltdown by the Giants yesterday was simply amazing. But the season isn't over yet. Big game on Sunday still. Really big. If the Cowboys win, it gives them a huge 2 game lead in the East. But better yet, it gives them a run at some homefield advantage during the playoffs.

Yes, not just playoffs, but homefield advantage for at least one game, maybe even two. The Bears are suddenly not looking that tough. Yes, the defense is good, but the offense is sputtering. The talk in Dallas is that they can catch the Bears for homefield throughout the playoffs. Now, that would be something.

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