Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thank you...

to all the soldiers that have served our country and for those on duty right now. If it weren't for their bravery and courage, people like me would not be able to write silly blogs about getting drunk. Bless everyone of you. Show them the love on Veterans Day.

This guy summarizes my thought on war protesters pretty well. It is not about whether you are for or against the war. It is about using your head when you say you are supporting the troops.

Now back to drunken silliness...

I got a phone call from some friends last night. I had gotten home rather early because of the weather and figured I would need some rest for the long weekend. Well, when two women call you up and want you to go out for more booze, any red blooded man will get up and go.

I met up with them at some little bar that I have passed by in the past. It didn't look like much from the outside. Then again, it didn't look like much from the inside either. Nice friendly bartenders though.

The girls had been drinking margaritas. One has decided she was done for the night. That was a good idea. The other seemed fine at first. But two beers later, she was blotto. It was fun to watch. The words slowed down, the pace slowed down. They started doing the drunken monkey dancing. And then- BAM!- she was done. She couldn't put a sentence together for the life of her.

I always know when she is getting drunk because she gets really flirty too. She can be one of those touchy feely girls. I was curious to let her hands wander, wondering how bold she may get in front of her friend. I think I had my answer when I offered to give her my guaranteed cure for the hiccups and she pounced in my lap. Hey, she was an old friend. A good friend.

But she was also a pretty drunk friend who had the other girl saying it was time to go. Off they went into the rainy night. The drunk one is visiting a friend of hers that lives down the street from me tonight. If I wasn't going out of town, I would be big bucks that I would have a visitor tonight.

Is it too late to cancel the trip?

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