Thursday, November 16, 2006

Where is the chew toy?

I bet everyone has a co-worker like this. A person who gets overwhelmed easily. They cannot handle taking on new tasks. No matter how much training you give them, they are never ready. As soon as the training is finished and they are expected to do the job, they freak out. They make a big production of having too much to do, or make the claim of not getting enough training, or the training wasn't good enough. When things are not going as they would like, they make sure everyone around them knows it. They complain long and loud.

Meet Cassie. She is one desk over from mine on east wing of the top floor. Cassie is a part time employee. She does a good job, but also tries to play the system. She can waste time with the best of them and then complain that she cannot do her job in the hours she is suppose to get it accomplished. She is always angling for more hours.

Over the last couple of weeks, Cassie has been asked to take on a new responsibility. The person explaining it to her didn't get the best training on the job but picked it up quickly and had a good handle on it. They spent at least 2 weeks going over the process and getting her into a comfort level. Cassie said she was good to go, but apparently she was lost.

Yesterday, she lost it. Totally lost it. I first noticed it early in the morning. I could hear her getting frustrated as she was frantically searching her desk for something. Then the barking started. Yes, barking. She would get so upset, she would make these barking/grunting/exasperated noises. I found it to be quite annoying. Especially after the 4th outburst at about 1.

I started telling her to keep the barking down or she would be put in the kennel. I asked where her chew toy was. Did she need to be taken for a walk? Don't make me send you to the dog house. Where is my cattle prod?

She is usually finished at 1, but with all the stuff she is taking on, she has been working until 3ish lately. So I was stuck with 3 extra hours of her barking and grousing. Finally at 3, I had enough. I spoke with her boss and told her to go home, get out of here.

I am glad because my next step would have been to start tossing Milkbones in the corner to make her happy. It is no wonder that I picked up a 6-pack on the way home.

Cassie came in today in a slightly better mood. It took about 26 minutes (yeah, I timed it), until she made the first barking sound. It would have been less time but she had to take 15 minutes to explain how they are having a big tasting event at Sam's Club all weekend and that she should get me guest pass so I can see what it is like. They are to have all kinds of free food all weekend. I guess I know where she will be. The buffet at Sam's Club.

Ok people, step right up here. Pick the number of times Cassie barks today and win a prize!

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