Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve with BG & Bobby Bracelet

Christmas Eve with BG, Bobby Bracelet, and their father watching Detroit Lions football. No, not quite a day with the 3 wise men, but interesting and fun nonetheless.

And no, Aleta, I did not die last night.

And I didn't get a speeding ticket that I probably should have gotten. Thanks again Jo.

And I learned a vital lesson that I will take through to my last days. Never eat Italian food unless you plan to drink wine the rest of the night. Beer and liquor will not settle well on Pollo Con Maria.

Yes, my holiday has been quite nice for someone who has all the family obligations out of the way. Invitations to spend time with others became abundant. Thanks to all that thought about me. I cannot put into words how good the feeling is.

I had plans yesterday to watch football. Later in the evening, I would be joining some friends for dinner. When I got the call from BG with an invite to watch the Lions game, I figured it would be an experience. Afterall, I spend practically every weekend with Packer fans watching their games, this would be a different view point on how another teams dedicated patrons see their team.

With BG, the Bracelet and their father, the master of the paternal cock block, I watched the Lions play well, how can I put this nicely, um...bad. Ok, pretty crappy. Lots of dropped balls, stupid penalties, whatnot, they just looked pathetic at times. This was a game though could have won. One that they should have won. Seriously, why do you throw the football to the guy who had already dropped 5 passes that afternoon?

Beside the game, I knew it wouldn't be a boring afternoon when the PCB was telling stories of having to deal with stupid people. I highly respect people who have no tolerance for dumb asses. One could learn from his devious tales of smacking people down.

What else did I learn?
PRESS PLAY! JUST PRESS PLAY! This is the worst Tivo in the world!
Lem Barney. Best punt returner. Ever.
Cross Cribb. Interesting twist on the game of cribbage. I do think it was rather convenient how Bob and his father were losing and suddenly the steaks needed to be put on the grill. Too convenient I might add.
I did let Bob in on the great conspiracy against the Lions. I didn't tell all though. The secret is still safe.
Channel 721 does not come in. No matter how many times BG wanted to view channel 721, it was not going to suddenly appear on the television.
BG's idea of a new court show featuring Judge Shut the Hell Up! would go over big.

Thanks again guys for letting me spend an afternoon with your family.

I will be attending another gathering this afternoon. Not quite sure how long I may be there as I will be tuning into the Cowboys game. Big game today. One they should win. Philly has rebounded strong and is playing very good football. But the Cowboys should have the focus and intent to capture the East today. A victory today would be the capper on my holiday.

Merry Christmas all! Enjoy the time with your families, whether they be blood or just great friends. Let them know how you feel.

And don't let your father cock block you.

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