Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Crapper on the holiday

Nod to Al for the title today. Yep, the Cowboys game really did put a crapper on the holiday. They simply didn't show up. The bEagles wanted this a lot more and layed the smackdown. Such a disappointing end to a good weekend.

I am one of the lucky few that is working this week. Just 3 days. I wasn't smart enough to take the day after Christmas off but took Friday off. I sit looking at the calendar in a daze and wonder why I thought that was the best idea.

At least I have peace at work. No barking to distract me, but I did discover some work that had been neglected. I spent the first hour cleaning up after someone else. Great way to start the week. The two people working behind me won't say a word so I might as well put some music on and toss the headphones aside.

I think my liver is going to be happy though. After 5 days of barraging it with different kinds of booze, it gets a few days off to recover. Then I will beat it into submission once again.

In the meantime I am figuring out what I will be doing at work over the next 3 days. I have some items to finish up on but it sure ain't 3 days of work. Maybe a day. I could clean my desk. That may take half a day. I believe in the concept of organized chaos. You may look at my work space and think it is a mess. But you would be wrong! I know exactly what is on my desk. I have the Wall St. Journal just left of the keyboard with the Marketplace section on top and a picture of John Mellencamp staring at me. I have inked out his face though, as I found the staring creepy. To the left of the paper are two envelopes that just delivered some documents from both coasts. Next is my coffee mug and inbox. The inbox is a total misnomer as it has mainly papers that I have no idea where to put but may need over the next week or so. There are two candy canes laying on the desk in the corner. One is from last year, the other this year. I have no clue which is which. I won't eat them so it doesn't really matter.

In front of me is an outlook for the markets, a container for pens (maybe half of them work) and a flow chart of some systems test that I am suppose to check on a daily basis but usually forget. Oh and my self review. That needs to be completed by the end of the week. I think I am going to self assess my way to a higher job title this year.

Time out! Must do that check.

Ok. Nothing of importance there. To my left is some actual empty desk space, a tooth pick, speakers for the pc, a phone and some folders. Behind me is more organized chaos except they are in organizers.

I guess cleaning the desk wouldn't take half a day. Great! What the heck am I doing to do now?

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