Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What? You didn't get a gift from your favorite liquor?

Ok, I admit it. I giggled a bit with anticipation when I saw the box with the familiar tan label in the mail yesterday. I immediately opened it to see what present the great people at Maker's Mark had sent me. Yes, I get a Christmas gift from my favorite liquor. Don't you?

I have been a Maker's Mark ambassador for a couple of years now. I even have a barrel with my name on it resting away in Kentucky. Yes, I have whisky being made for me (actually, me and about 2 dozen other people that have a claim on the bourbon). Just another reason why I drink the best whisky in the land and encourage others to do so. Maker's Mark is much better than other popular brands with black labels. Try it and you will agree.

They also sent along a recipe to make a drink with the shaker. Guess a trip to the liquor store is necessary. I may use the napkins when my family is over. Or not.

In other mail news, I received a big envelope from an economic magazine, begging for me to subscribe. As I was about to toss it away, the cover caught my eye. There was North Korean leader Kim Jong II saluting. The caption was Who Can Stop Him Now? Of course the first thought in my head was Team America! Fuck Yeah! What else should I think?

Ah, the day of work before heading out for vacation. I see I have one important meeting, one that I can sleep through, and one that is total bullshit. Thankfully, the bullshit meeting is at the end of the day. Once that is over, I am out out of here with nothing more than gambling, booze and broads on my mind. I may end up just like Deano.

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