Thursday, December 07, 2006

Who wants to tend bar while I am gone?

In 6 hours I will be at the airport playing the waiting game. I will be sitting in gate area surrounded by gambling degenerates young and old (mostly old) and cowboys.

Did he just say cowboys?

Yep, I said cowboys.

I recall last year, heading down to Vegas for the WPBT Holiday Classic. Getting on the plane and seeing a bunch of men and women with big ol' cowboy hats getting on the plane. I sat there thinking "We have cowboys in Wisconsin?"

So I have to think there will be some heading down for the big rodeo this weekend as well. I tell you, I have never seen so many friggin' big ass belt buckles in my life that when these people head to Vegas.

It reminds me of a shirt that I use to see on a daily basis when I worked for a different company. My office was located in a strip mall, on the second floor of the main building. Directly beaneath me was some country western/boot store. For months they had some t-shirts posted in their window display. One in particular cracked me up because I had not idea what they hell it was suppose to be mean, because when you took it at face value, it made absolutely no sense. It read:
Winning isn't everything...Hold my belt buckle while I kiss your girlfriend.

Uh, yeah. Ok. Funny one guys.

Yes, it perplexed me for months. But it cracked me up day after day. So I started to use the phrase even though I had no clue what the hell it meant because it seemed funny. Then someone explained it to me. I thought it was still pretty funny because it looks funny. I may have to break it out this weekend.

For now I have to get some packing done. I looked around deciding what to wear. I remember last year standing at the MGM Sportsbook bar with a Red Wings sweatshirt on and being very hot. Though it is cooler in Vegas now (high in the mid to high 60s/ 50/night), I need to pack something a bit lighter than I had last year. It is only 8 degrees in Milwaukee right now. Yep, 8! But with the wind chill, it is -8 so the 8 feels balmy. I have a Cowboys jersey packed for Sunday. One that will have people shaking their head. I have packed a NCAA Hockey Champions Badger jersey as well that I may don for the tournament on Saturday. I just don't know what to wear on the plane today. Whatever it is may be on for the next 40 hours so it is a hard choice.

I also figure to do most of my dishes before I leave. Already have taken care of the cat. I do need to figure out eating. Flight leaves at 3:25. Arrives in Vegas at roughly 7 Milwaukee time. So if I would eat around noon, I would end up being hungry by the time I arrive and get checked in. That would go head on with drinking and gambling time. Can't have that.

So I am thinking of maybe getting some cashews or M&Ms to munch on. It would give a decent base for alcohol aborption, and with the chocolate, a sugar boost. Just can't eat too many or that could possibly mix badly with the Maker's.

So who wants to tend the bar while I am gone? Rock on with your bad selves! See ya on Monday. Til then, how about watching the ghost of Elvis do an intro.

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