Sunday, December 03, 2006

Like roses you say?

Having a bar to hang out at is nice. However, I believe one should branch out every now and then to see what is happening elsewhere. You know, a change of pace to see different people and experience nude things.

No, that is not a typo. I mean nude things. That is the show we got at a sport bar yesterday. Yep, sports bar, not nudie bar.

My friend and I wanted to get out of the rut we were in and check out some place different. Rather than go out to the west side, I suggest that we do some bar hopping among the little taverns on the south side. I suggest Mark's Sport Bar as the place to start. I hadn't been in the place in a couple of years and figured it was as good as any other place to start.

I got a good idea of what could unfold right away. In the U shaped bar area were 8 people. An older woman and guy on one side with 2 guys and 4 chicks on the other. The chicks were whooping it up with their dudes. Two of them, attractive looked like they were sisters, so I was now trying to figure out what the story was with the guys. I was there for only 5 minutes when two of the chicks left. As they did, one chick kissed a girl square on the lips. Yeah, no big deal. But then the chick said "Hey!" and made the other girl come back. They then kissed for about 5 seconds.

All right! Show is on!

My friend would show up 30 minutes late as usual. I quickly pointed out the girls and told him what I had seen so far. One of the girls thought she knew him and they made some small talk. She then turned her attention back to her sister (confirmed) and the two guys. Apparently they were couples. Bummer.

One girl was getting kinda loud. Maybe all the shots I watched her do was catching up. At one point she looks at me and my friend and announces "Me and my sister's vaginas smell like roses." I looked at my friend as I did not know where that suddenly came from. We missed what led to that announcement. The girl wasn't finished. Apparently her sister's boyfriend said it smell like carrots. Carrots??? Anyway, the girl didn't quite like that so she suddenly swung her leg over on to his shoulders and moved onto his lap. She arched back, putting her twat towards his face. No, she was not wearing a skirt either. That would have been better.

Some time would go by. Some other guy showed up and was talking with them. We found out this little wild chick was not only going out with the other guy, but they were engaged. There is a marriage that will last. Anyway, the wild girl's boyfriend got on the phone after the USC/UCLA upset and went to the restrooms so he could talk. The girls started dancing and acting like they were going to lift their shirts up. Then in a flash, the small girl had her sister pinned on the foosball table and was straddling her face. Um..ok!

One guy went and picked the girl off and hauled the other off the table. When he did, the wild girl came back to the guy who had just showed up. For whatever reason, she started undoing her belt. She proceeded to pull her pants down far enough to show her shaved cooter. Nice landing strip honey. Classy.

Moments later, her shirt was up and she was dancing, showing off her little rack. She danced around for 10 seconds before she pulled the shirt back down. She then and tried to pull down her sisters shirt to show off her tits. Unfortunately for me, some guy was in the way and I didn't get a look.

Soon her boyfriend would come back out and she calmed down a bit. Her and the sister would soon leave the bar. With the show over, we left the bar as well in search of food.
But we may be back sooner rather than later.

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