Monday, December 04, 2006


Man, did I get a good night sleep. No tossing and turning. No waking up at 2 am, laying around trying to catch more zzzs. I slept like a log. On a Sunday night. That hasn't happened since football season started.

I wonder what it might have been. Maybe it was because I stopped drinking around 4. The Packer game was atrocious and everyone bailed after the game was finished. I stuck around to watch the beginning of the Cowboys game but my stomach was taking it in as smoothly as it had earlier.

Maybe it was the mac and cheese the bar served. Polish sausage, kraut and mac & cheese. That was provided at half time. Can you tell we are on the south side of Milwaukee? The mac & cheese was killer. I am not the biggest mac & cheese fan in the world but this stuff was great.

Maybe it was the exercise. Though I had a buzz going and the food was sitting in my stomach like it was on an extended vacation, I grabbed the bike and worked off some of the nervous energy that the football game was giving me. Plus, I figured that would move the cement in my gut along. As good as the mac & cheese was, it felt like it solidified inside me. Maybe some riding would move that slab of concrete through my colon.

No, it was definitely the Cowboys victory. After a hard fought battle, the prevailed with the last second field goal. Though Grammatica's first effort was quite pitiful as it sailed wide right and Cowboys fans were left angry because Vanderjagt could have done that, he would nail the next 3 en route to a nice notch in the win column. I stood there in front of my TV as he lined up for the game winner. My first thought was "Don't you dare miss this!". But then the Giants called time out to ice him. When he came back out, I stood up again and calmly thought "You are going to nail it and we get out with a win!" Joe Buck makes the call...

The officiating was brutal. Some bad calls and non calls. On a crucial gain by the Giants, they totally missed the holding call on Spears. As Brandon Jacobs rumbled through a hole, you can clearly see Spears getting off his block and a hand grab the jersey and yank him down. But the worst call easily was the one of Giants receiver Tyree. The crackback that never was. But it cost them 15 yards. Terrible call.

The Cowboys played a tough game. Not their best game mind you but enough to win. And isn't that what counts?

Yes, I believe it was that Cowboys victory that had me sleeping soundly in a warm bed as the temperatures were dropping to single digits. It is that victory that will make the week ahead much sweeter with a big game coming again on Sunday night. But that one will be viewed from the comfort of a sportsbook in Vegas.

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