Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa the Vampire

Random hits that probably amuse only me.

In just over an hour I will be off visiting the vampires again. I find it funny that someone may use my blood. I didn't know that 40 proof A+ was in such demand.

I also have my vital signs from October here. Blood pressure was up then at 124/94 with my pulse rate at 68. I am curious to see how that will have changed.


There is a food collection going on at work. The table at the entry way is filling up quickly now. I will admit it. I have put nothing on that table. I do give to different charities throughout the year. I have my own favorites (USO, Special Operation Warriors) that I hit during the holidays. But when it comes to the food drives, I usually hold off. I guess it is because I usually give at the food store. If I see the barrel out, it puts the thought in my mind to grab a couple cans of corn, green beans, or peas to place in the barrel for the local food pantry. I don't have the brain to think about actually bringing it to work to do so.

Long story short, I noticed one of the items on the table was a bottle of Squirt soda. I guess hungry people are entitled to a whisky sour too.

Mmmm....whisky sour!

Four Cowboys made the Pro Bowl this year. Among them is the top QB in the NFC, Tony Romo. Yes, I think he deserves it. He turned this team around and has the best rating in his conference (though the passer rating is the most worthless gauge of a QB). LB DeMarcus Ware and "the punter from down under" Mat McBriar deserve to be there as well.

Though I love the way the guy plays, I have to say that Roy Williams didn't earn it this year. Sure he has some interceptions and still hits like a Mack truck. But he is getting beat by the pass and has really harmed this team over the last couple of weeks. I feel confident that he can Watkins/Davis/Parrish can turn it around for the playoffs- especially when you have a noodle arm QB coming to town that can't throw a ball more than 25 yards. But to earn a Pro Bowl spot this year was purely on reputation.

Cowboys snubs? Terrance Newman. I see what happened to Newman as the same thing that happened to some very good Packer CBs in the past couple of years. Because they don't throw the ball to Newman's side, people don't notice you. Same thing used to happen to Mike McKenzie in his early years with the Packers. Opposing teams stayed away from him. Thus he was never talked about. Newman has played better than DeAngelo Hall. Easily as good as Lito Sheppard and Ronde Barber. He should be in Hawaii.

I would love to argue that Terrell Owens should have been selected, but I won't. I think his turdness has finally caught up to him. Sure he may lead the NFC in receiving TDs but he also leads in drops and jackassery. Word is that the fans voted him in, but the players and coaches did not. See that T.O., you idiocy is catching up to you.

Having been snubbed, does that put the proverbial spark into Owens to come out and prove he should have been selected to the Pro Bowl by having a huge game come Monday? I doubt it.

I don't know if I like Identity or not. The first two shows have been ok. The concept is interesting, but I can't see watching it all the time. I think it comes down to the contestants and the way they and their friends act. They are all overly melodramatic. I find that annoying. Same with the hosts. Now I know people find it to be entertaining watching people go through a range of emotions in their hopes to win a big sum of money but that just isn't my mug of beer.

I want to see a trivia game set in a bar. With NTN going on throughout bars around the country, they should show people competing as their alcohol soaked brains overflow with booze. That would be entertaining TV to me.

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