Friday, December 22, 2006

What a crappy game

I felt like poking my eyes out after watching that Packer/Viking game. It wasn't losing the bet to the wheelchair king of Minnesota. It wasn't like I have a big emotional connection to the teams. My Cowboys don't play until Monday. It wasn't the nice set of breasts taunting me during the game.

And it was a mighty fine rack. Mighty fine. Gambino can testify to that.

It was watching another crappy football game. Two bad games in a week. Monday can't get here quick enough.

I did have some fun during the game. I gave some guy a buck to eat the whole container (about 2 shots) of marinara. Kid would have done it for free but I felt I had to give him some minor incentive.

Plus it would get him out of the way so those nice ta-tas could come back into my view.

I am looking forward to laying on the couch all day. Yep, exciting stuff, huh?

Later I shall be heading down to Big Mommas for their Xmas party. I would say that the thought of cheap booze entices me but then again I hardly pay for the booze there anyways.

I think tomorrow I may pontificate (word of the day calendar pays off!) on the state of rocking Christmas music. Though there has been a bit more of it out there thanks to the work of the Trans Siberian Orchestra, I think the best rockin Christmas song ever is an old one. That will be unveiled tomorrow with the Top 10 list.

Let's finish with the one that got TSO on the map.

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