Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Work sucks

Only 3.5 hours to get undug at work. Not too bad.

I could have done better in terms of time if I hadn't been interrupted so much. Or hadn't spilled my coffee on the keyboard. Or was awake.

I feel groggy today. It could be all the sleep I had yesterday. 6 hours of sleep over 4 days with little food intake but lots of beer. No, I won't be on a Wheaties box any time soon with that kinds of schedule, but it puts into context why my butt didn't move much and how I kept dozing on and off during Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. Yes, that is what I ended up watching on TV. I was too tired to even change the channel. Even a show called "You know you are the baby's daddy" could keep me awake. I do understand why most of these guys deny they are the fathers. Cuz the women are some crazy ass bitches!

With my butt sleepign on the couch, that meant that the other plans I had for yesterday were scrapped. I wanted to get a tree up and do the inventory on the wrapping paper so I could get all of the present stuff wrapped up. None of that was done.

I also need something else for my sister and her husband. Oh yeah, and my mother. Gift cards anyone? I may make one last ditch effort for something tangible though. I will make a call to a friend who used to help me with my shopping. She always had fun spending my money so I hope she will go for another chance to do so.

Then I can get to work telling the story about the hooker at the craps table. There was something about the hooker that bothered me. I couldn't quite place it until last night. Once I did, it still was quite bizarre. More on that later. I think I have gotten the small break I needed. Back to work.

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