Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Apocalypto Mimoso

I was pretty exhausted by 7:30 last night. Up at 5:30 and shoveling snow. Hectic day at work. Time flew by, barely enough time to grab lunch. When work was done I was off to shovel snow at mother's house. Then I get home to see the snow plow had come by and dump the street into my drive. More shoveling.

I didn't feel tired once it was all done. In fact I went inside, grabbed a wok and stir fried some steak and peppers/onions. With the steak marinating in a hot chili sauce, the dish ended up nice and spicy. I could have eaten it all last night but decided to hold off. I sat down to watch some TV. Next thing I know, the cat is on top of me and it is just about 8. Where did the time go? Hell, I didn't have a drink last night.

Thus I slept pretty well until my cat decided it was time for me to wake up at 4. Little bastard. I made him wait until the usual time. Hey, I run the house, not him. Or so that is what he allows me to believe.

Damn snow plows came by over night depositing more crap into my drive. I will be doing some shoveling tonight thanks to the city. Get into work and deal with the security guy wanting to charge me $30 for a new ID card. Ha! I get out of that because it is my first one. Then the barking lady gets pissy with me for not getting some help for her. Try to get as much done as you can I tell her, and by the end of the week, we will see if you need help. So now she isn't talking to me. I should tick her off more.

On the good side, I may have gotten 5 more days of vacation this year. Need to double check with the powers that be, but that puts me at a month. 30 days away. Add in a couple more that were carried over and I am looking to pick a month where I just disappear.

Disappearing would be nice. Then I wouldn't have all this damn paperwork to look over. Shit, back to work.

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