Monday, January 15, 2007


Just in case anyone in the Midwest had forgotten. It is winter. It snows in winter. It gets cold and icy and makes for driving to become crappy.

I got up slightly earlier than usual this morning. Woke up at 4 and never fell back asleep. So I waited to hear the neighbor begin his shoveling. As he did, I could judge what kind of snow it would be. I knew it was light and fluffy as he was not making smooth shoveling noises. I concluded that it had to be heavy, packing snow. Not too wet, probably near freezing. I got dressed and went outside to clear it away. The world seems more peaceful in the morning after it snows.

I was right about the snow. Heavy. There was somewhere between 2-3 inches. Not bad. Enough to take about 25 minutes and make you sweaty. And tweak those muscles on your back and around you ribs to be in a bit of pain later.

People drove a bit slower than normal on the freeways. I don't mind that on a day like this. As long as the clown doing 30 is not in the left lane. No clowns to deal with today as somehow they stayed to the right. I did see one person spin out at my exit. I just moved on by with the 4 wheel drive in full effect.

All seemed well as I pulled into my parking space. Then I went to grab my ID badge and found it missing. WTF? Every day when I leave work, I toss it on the passenger seat. This morning, there was no badge. I have no clue where it may have fallen out as the passenger door hasn't been opened. I wonder if it could have been tangled with a hat or the beer that I brought to a friends house on Saturday. Hey Jo, check the street in front of you house for my work ID.

Lots of places will be closed for Martin Luther King Day. Somehow I find it ironic that the NBA has day games, forcing their majority of black players to work while a bunch of white people in banks and the government have the day off.

I bet all the defensive coordinators of the teams in the playoffs remind their players to knock the ball to the ground on 4th down this coming weekend. That interception/fumble by San Diego killed the dream of a Super Bowl. It also caused all the dogs this weekend to cover the spreads. Pretty amazing. Actually, all the game were pretty good this weekend.

Good thing I won a 6-pack of beer this weekend. After work I will have more shoveling to take care of and then maybe even more once I get home. That beer will taste good once I get settled in.

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