Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I was indiffferent, now they can kiss my ass


That is how I answered when asked "how are you?" Indifferent was the best way to explain how I was feeling. I had to steer away from my old response of "I'm here" because my assistant started barking it. Indifferent was good. I mean, it is Tuesday. Why should I be excited about it being Tuesday? There was nothing good or bad about what lay ahead of me.

Or so I thought.

I log in to check some accounts and see a "Missing AMT deposit" entry in my checking account. Great! I had a feeling this would happen. They put in a new ATM in my building, one that would accept deposits. The machine is plugged in and working so I thought I would deposit some checks I had. Makes sense. But there were no envelopes. Not a big deal. Grab a regular envelope, put the info on the ATM envelopes on the front and make the deposit. Because I hang my coat by the machine, I kept an eye out for when envelopes would appear. They never have. Then I received an email from a friend asking about the check he sent me for my NFL prognosticating prowess. I told him I had deposited it a week ago.

That should have raised a flag. As I kept looking for the deposit envelopes, I got a inkling something was wrong. My gut told me that whoever was assigned to service this machine had no clue that deposits could be made. That my deposit envelope is still sitting in that machine right now as I type. All I know is that I better not get charged by my bank for some one's ineptitude, nor should friend's have to worry about their own accounts getting messed up. It should be interesting to see how long it takes for the fraud guy to call.

Suddenly, I was no longer feeling indifferent but perturbed.

I also then need to find a dental card that I am supposed to have to take care of the appointment I have in 2 weeks. Going to the dentist is a totally different story so I won't get into that. But in the process of getting this card replaced, I had to go through 3 HR reps at work, navigate a minefield of a phone system with the insurance company, and then find out that the card may not even be mailed until the beginning of February which means getting the dentists' office to take care of things over the phone.

I don't know if perturbed covers me anymore.

Next I read an article about how the landing strips at Mitchell Field are not safe. In fact, 3 of 5 are not compliant. In other words, if a plane were to skid off the runway again, it could go into a street or building or something. Ok, let me get this straight. One plane, yes 1, skids off at Mitchell. 1 plane skidded off at Midway in Chicago. So 2 planes in 2 years skidding means that these runways should be top priority? Give me a fucking break! This ain't a new story. This is someone trying to get their funding for airports that they don't really need. If planes were skidding all over the place, I could agree that something needs to be done. But with thousands of flights every year, a couple planes having some breakdown or weather issue causing a skid is not a matter to be overly concerned about.

But this one surely moved me from perturbed to mad. The BBC has a story about how America's image is worsening around the world. They don't like how our governments is handling Iraq, global warming, North Korea, etc. You don't like? I got two words for you. Suck it! I don't give a rat's ass what someone in France has to say about the Iraq war. Your fucking country was part of the problem there, making millions in the Oil for Food scandal. Keep your opinion to yourself. Kiss my ass!

What are Brazilians and Argentinians doing about North Korea's nukes? Anything? Exactly. Kiss my ass! Don't complain when you aren't leading the way to finding a solution. People want to bitch about the Iraqi situation, saying the NK is much worse and needs our attention. Hmm...that problem wasn't there when the war started. Hell, Clinton had paid them enough hush money to stop them, or so he thought. No matter what the U.S. does, it will not satisfy people. They backed off NK so the Chinese or Russians would take control. What did they do? Nothing. Hell, then people cried that the U.S. was doing nothing. Make a choice already.

See, two things happen here. There are the people who do nothing but bitch about how bad this country is and how everything is going to hell, your rights are being taken away, blah, blah,blah. They never offer solutions. They never give credit for what is going well. They are playing this game. Prevent a terrorist act? Someone's rights were violated during the process and that is not right. Doesn't matter that thousands of lives may have been saved and that some asshat terrorist had his rights violated. They will cry for them and their kind in Guantanamo. Those bastards being held at Gitmo are violent, lying thugs who do not deserve to be freed. Give medals to the guards who have to put up with their shit.

And there are the people who will keep insulting America all the while taking our money. You can bitch and moan but when disaster happens, Americans respond. This country gives billions to the world yearly and what do we get in return? No respect. I say kiss my ass if you don't like it. Stop taking the funding from our country. Be thankful for once.

Some people may read this and not agree with my views. They will spout off the "typical American" line. Hey, I love my country. It isn't perfect, but no place is. If the United States is such a bad place, why does everyone still want to come here? Oh yes, they still want to come here. Maybe other countries should grow the balls to do something about the evil in this world instead of relying on us. Until then, it is our soldiers keep fighting the war on terror. They put their lives on the line with the British, the Australians, the Polish, and others. Thank them instead of criticizing them. They are fighting for you whether you like it or not. To make this world safer.

Indifferent? Not anymore.

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