Monday, January 22, 2007

You've got mail.

As I sat at bdubs yesterday watching the Bears/Saints game, I found myself chuckling between slugs of my beer. The crowd was interesting. Can't really call them Saints fans as much as they were Bears haters. Yes, a group of very spiteful Packer fans were cheering on every move of the Saints. Maybe that rivalry will pick up again after all.

I am also thinking their Blazing Challenge may be easy.

Before heading out to drink, I was planning on stopping at Home Depot to get a new mailbox, something I should have done years ago, but found go to a bar was not only funner, but more enjoyable. So I checked out the HD website to get an idea of what this would set me back. Apparently mailboxes are not cheap. Plus, it is hard to find a simple cheap mailbox. I don't need anything with a lock on it, nor do I need it on a post. I just wanted a black box with a cover so my mail wouldn't get wet in the rain or frozen to the box in the winter. According to their site, HD doesn't have such a thing. They need to be all fancy and expensive. I will have to stop in the store now and see if they have something simple. At least part of the cost will be covered by a gift card.

Speaking of mail, the junk mail I have been receiving lately has been more annoying than ever. I think they killed the spam filters at work because every day I get at least 10 pieces of crap that are all the same. Penny stock announcements with some meaningless phrase in the subject. One today was savagery massey. Uh...what? I think these are better than the penis pills. Unknowingly opening emails with subjects such as "Big bat" and "Huge tool" can be bad if someone is watching you. Beside, last I checked my bat was ok.

Now I sit at work wishing I was elsewhere. Some Europeans call today Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Me thinks the pubs will be full in the UK today.

Opening line on Super Bowl XLI...Colts by 7. Though I said last week the Colts were going all the way, giving 7 is a stretch. I think the Bears cover.

And thanks to KL, I may be in one too. Thanks for the beer!

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