Friday, January 12, 2007

It is a "damn-I-have-stuff-to-do-at-work-that-I-cannot-get-out-of" Friday

I realized a small drinking problem yesterday. I was running out of booze in my house.

I had a couple of beers in the fridge that I figured would get my primed for the RiverChasers tournament. I made a decision a half hour before the start not to head down to Burt's to get some beer. I figured I could open the liquor cabinet and drink whatever was in there when the beer was gone.

Bad decision. Though I had bottles in there, they weren't very full. In fact, they were quite empty.

I had enough to make one Maker's and ginger. I tried some Seagram's 7 and ginger and that tasted like ass. I was this close to mixing some Cabo Wabo with ginger but then I busted out. At that point I realized I was about to mix tequila with ginger ale. I don't know if such a concoction has ever been made, nor do I know if it ever should be made. But I feel like I dodged a bullet last night.

So I will be needing to hit the liquor store some time soon. My liquor cabinet looks rather barren. I have enough Seagrams for maybe one big drink, half a bottle of Cabo Wabo that I pull out for dial-a-shots, half a bottle of vodka, and half a bottle of triple sec. Oh, I also have 2 bottles of cheap ass rum obtained at church.

I don't think I am that desperate to open the cheap rum just yet.

But the liquor cabinet used to have a couple bottles of Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Makers, Seagrams. It was a nice crowded liquor cabinet. Like one big party in there.

Now it is like a liquor ghetto.

Guess I have a restoration project to perform there.

In business news, an email I saw this morning talked about possible mergers this year. One item was "Sears buys BJs". Funny, if I did that, I could get arrested.

I didn't get drunk last night. Barely a good buzz. I guess that is why I don't feel like working today. The meetings on my schedule tell me I have to be here though. If I had my own business, I would have a bar in the building. I would allow people to work at the bar come Friday afternoon (and certain Thursdays), hold meetings, etc. They would not be allowed to get too plastered. I would allow a Bloody Mary or screwdriver in the morning to those who need the hair of the dog. Catch of course would be they would have to produce that day. If they couldn't, they I would allow them to suffer. But I think it would work out quite well.

Man, I miss the days of the booze induced parties that my former company held.

They had battered fish for lunch the other day. I could help but wonder why someone had to beat up the fish before they served it.

Looks like I am just babbling now.

I do find it funny that DJW lost his website. Looks like a squatter took over or he finally gave up. Serves you right for deleting so many times. But I will buy you a beer next time I see you.

For once, I have a good song stuck in my head. Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. Guitars are goot.

That is what I have to say today. Rock on with your bad selves this weekend. Dial-a-shot away!

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