Monday, January 08, 2007

Laying on the couch with a cat laying on me

I wouldn't call it depression. Yeah, I wasn't in the best mood yesterday. Was down, but not out.

When I did get out of bed, I noticed the beer bottles by the pc. I had two thoughts at the time. 1) Wow, I did drink a lot after I left the bar when the game was over, and 2) I hope I didn't decimate my poker accounts.

I didn't touch the computer. I didn't care to touch the outside world. I went and got the paper from the porch. I already knew what picture would be in there. Of course, it would be on the front page of the sports section. That shouldn't have surprised me as the Cowboys are America's Team and will show up on the front page for a lot of reasons.

But seeing the pic made me sad for a couple of reasons. One, the Cowboys season was over. Even I knew it would be one hell of ride for them to go all the way, but as a fan, you believe it is possible. I know they could give Chicago a battle and win. Thus, to have them beat themselves on two fluky plays was hard to take.

Very hard.

But not as hard for Tony Romo. The man who gave all of us fans hope and inspiration, who led the team to this spot, had been the unfortunate one to drop it, pushing us off the cliff and crushing our dreams on the jagged rocks below.

Irony is a bitch!

I feel bad for him as he is the one that has to really shoulder the situation. How he comes out of it depends on how the Cowboys will be next year. And if Parcells will be around.

For once, Terrell Owens was a good guy and talked with Romo on the side, trying to console him, but he won't get any credit. I can live with him not being a Cowboy after dropping 3 more passes Saturday night. Even Bledsoe spoke with Romo and gave him some good yet strange advice.

Let it hurt.

I let my own hurt work its way through the day. I wasn't in the mood to watch football and only caught part of the other games. I did return a dial-a-shot with Al, who is a strange way was there to console me though he was damn happy as an Eagles fan that the Cowboys had lost. I punished myself by drinking tequila. The Cabo Wabo helped take away some of the sting.

From there I looked to other forms of inspiration. The movie Beerfest helped. It wasn't as funny as others said it was, but it wasn't bad either. A funny thing happened that proved I was coming out of my funk. As the movie went on, I really wanted a beer. But not just any beer. I wanted a good German beer. By the time the movie was over, I would have killed for a nice Spaten. But alas, I had Point in the refrigerator and that doesn't come close. I didn't want to deal with other people on a face to face basis and declined to get dress and walk a block to the liquor store.

I did notice that without football, Sundays are pretty crappy TV days. Unless you like college basketball. So I went through my DVR and cleaned it up. I have gotten hooked on Top Chef and got caught up on the current season. It amazes me how people can just whip up a dish in a short time with weird ingredients. They come up with stuff I probably wouldn't eat mainly because they tend to go the seafood route. Is that what fine dining is supposed to be about? Eating seafood and foi grois? Through some beef in there or pork, or any meat. Still a good watch.

So football is basically over. I will pay attention to the games and most likely watch them this weekend. I will party it up for the Super Bowl (mental note, need Monday Feb 5th off from work).

On the bright side, I have time to focus on hockey. Go Badgers and Red Wings!

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