Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Now that was an ass kicking!

Ouch! Glad I am not a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Boy, did they get their asses handed to them! Wasn't close. Wasn't pretty.

Pokerwolf pointed out an interesting site to me. 365 Beer. I took a look and found it to be quite an interesting challenge. I was going to sign up but apparently they have shut it down. I guess you need to know Chuck to get in. I know Jack and Jim, Mark and Jose, Don Julio and a Doctor, but I do not know Chuck. Maybe Chuck can send me an invite.

Or I can do it on my own. I have already missed 9 days so I would have some catching up to do.

As I drove home yesterday, I though more about this concept. It looks like you do not necessarily have to drink a beer a day as much as you need to drive 365 different beers in the year. Finding 365 different beers locally makes the task hard. If I would take a rough guess, the liquor store down the block has about 50-70 different brands of beer. This include all domestics, imports, and crafts. That is only 20% of the total but include Bud products and I would not drink Bud products unless I am forced to and then I would still fight it. I would need to check out other liquor stores that would have bigger beer selections. With traveling, I would guess you can add in another 20-50 beers depending on where you go. Thus, I think finding the 365 beers would be the true challenge.

Not to mention the cost. I know of some places that let you create 6-packs from different brews, but not all places will. So if you are not in a bar, you may end up spending more money than necessary. I put the cost of completing this challenge at between $1500-2000. The number looks daunting but I don't think it is that high. I spend more than that on liquor every year.

Which makes me think...the a real challenge would be to first get all 365 beers. Store them to the new year and begin drinking then. You can watch the refrigerator empty as you reach your goal. Not only would that be a beautiful sight to behold to see all that beer in one fridge, but you get to drink it all.

Who else needs a beer now?

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