Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Many fans

I got flipped off while driving home yesterday. Wasn't the first time and it sure won't be the last.
But this one was different. Because I have no clue why the guy flipped me off.

I was heading over the Hoan Bridge, doing about 65. Soon, I was behind a van that was going 55. So I changed lanes behind a car that had its bumper hanging off. I waited until I was clear of the van, changed lanes and proceed to pass the POS car. As I did, the guy leaned over and gave me the finger.

I laughed at first, like I usually do and then gave him a cheer. Then I began wondering why the guy flipped me the bird. Honestly, I hadn't done anything wrong. I was tailgating him. I didn't make a quick move to pass him and I didn't cut him off.

So I had no clue why I got the finger.

I must say this guy was a total class act. He was reaching across an old lady to give me the finger. And I think the two kids in the back are proud of their daddy. That will make for an interesting show and tell session at school today.

Furthermore, what state of mind can someone be in to go ballistic for someone tailgating them? Again, I wasn't at the time. I feel sorry for the kids. Don't put the toys away and the belt probably comes off.

9 degrees this morning kids. You know what that means......Sweater Kittens! Today should have a bumper crop of SKs today. I may need to take a walk around the building and check out the harvest. See California, losing oranges and other fruits ain't so bad when you have the yarned yammies out to play.

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