Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Score one for the DOT

I believe in giving credit where credit it due. Thus, I believe the Wisconsin Department of Transportation should be given its due today. About 10 or so years ago (I think that is right as I do not feel like researching it), the DOT started issuing the "Endangered Resources" license plate. According to the state, "the program is dedicated to conserving rare plants and animals, natural communities, and state natural areas." A nice idea for you animal people. And apparently it has been successful.

According to the Milwaukee Journal, the gray wolf is no longer endangered. In fact, they say let the killing begin! All the money that people donated through the plates has saved the wolf so we can not kill the wolf that is killing livestock and your pets. In other words, we can kill an animal that is doing what it does. It eats others animals. It kills to survive.


But let's get on to more important things. I say we need a new animal features on the license plates. The wolf has been saved- for now- and we must focus on who/what is next. The program want to protect rare plants but who wants to see a leaf on a license plate? If we did that, FIBs would think they drove too far north into Canada. So plants are out.

One animal came to mind right away. The beaver! Who wouldn't want to see a nice beaver on a license plate? Many sportsmen would welcome the beaver. They would get beaver plates to show their love of the beaver. It would truly fit as sometimes the red letters/numbers fade to pink.

But alas, I checked to see if the beaver was endangered. I figured it had to be as I haven't seen much beaver down in Milwaukee lately. Every day I look around hoping to see a happy live beaver that I could watch and touch, but it doesn't happen.

I found my answer. Apparently there is much more beaver in the northern half of the state. Damn! Foiled again!

So here I am back at square one. Anyone have any ideas for a new animal for the license plate? Now is your opportunity to make a statement. If there are no good ideas, I then suggest we round up a posse and go on a beaver hunt!

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