Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kick em out!

I saw an interesting story on the news last night. It was about the ban on cell phones by the Milwaukee Public School system. The ban takes effect today. To me it makes sense. Kids shouldn't be using the phone while at school anyways. If parents need to get in touch with their children, they can call the school office. Has worked for years.

In the story, a parent is cocking off about how her girl needs the phone and will take it to school. She says she will back her child even though she is breaking the rules. Her daughter has never abused her use of the phone so she shouldn't be punished. As I thought "well, if she doesn't use the phone at school, then it shouldn't matter???", I also figured the school should suspend the student if she shows up with the phone. Kick her out. Maybe the parent will begin to think rationally once she realizes it is a moot point for her child.

At this point, I realized that there was no way this lady would be rational. I knew this because they mentioned the name of her daughter.


Yes, Australia. As in the country.


Who the hell names their kid Australia? Does she have a brother names Nuzealand? The parent should be told to be quiet and be happy she doesn't get jailed for child abuse for giving a kid such a ridiculous name. That is an insult to the country. Australia. Unbelievable.

I think you can pick out stupid people 99% of the time just by what they name their kids. Someone prove me wrong in this case.

Today is water heater Monday. I am a bit embarrassed by yesterday's post for emitting some sympathy from Gambino. She has gone through real trials in life lately. Me? I have a broken water heater. That is a minor inconvenience. Problem fixed and my bank account is lighter. I wish it could be the same for her.

It wasn't easy this getting ready for work this morning. I was wide awake at 4. As I laid in bed, I suddenly realized that there was going to be no hot water for a shower. Somehow I figured that I could get up, turn the water back on, and 20 minutes later, take a shower. But I realized that it would also mean at more water leaking and making a mess when I was done. That plan went right out the window.

I then contemplated what to do. Taking a cold shower was out of the question. It was 10 degrees outside. The water would be freezing. Even if I got in, washed my hair and quickly soaped up, it would still be 4-5 minutes and my body temp would drop. Then going outside in the cold would make it worse. Nope, no shower today.

So I got up and started heating some water on the stove. I also heated some up in the coffee maker figuring that would be quicker. Got some water barely warm enough to wash up and look some what normal. But as I drove to work, I realized I had forgotten to brush my teeth. Time to grab some Altoids and hope they cover any dragon breath. First thing I do when I get home is brush my teeth. Once the plumber is done, I take a shower.

Now I know some people are thinking why the hell didn't I just stay home. Yeah, I could have. May have been the smarter thing to do, but I couldn't. It is how I cope. I rather stay in the normal routine. Keep life going as I know it. I don't want a water heater dictating how I live.

But then again, I guess I could have gotten toasty drunk last night and slept in. There I go again, thinking up the best solution when it is too late.

The Cowboys are close to naming a new coach today. Wade Phillips and Norv Turner are the leaders in the race. I would rather see Phillips because of the defensive experience he brings in. But I wouldn't necessarily be disappoined with Turner either. Some will point to his prior coaching experience in Washington and Oakland, but as Tim McMahon points out on the Cowboys's blog, both of those teams were bad to begin with.

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