Friday, January 26, 2007

So close to the weekend

The beer that I drank last night helped me relax a bit. The conversation with Gambino was good as always. I think I even succeeded in getting some beer to come out her nose with one comment.

It has been a tough month at work. January usually is for me. But this time around it seemed even more difficult. Like I was babysitting a bunch of high paid professionals who just didn't want to play nice. My job is to make sure people get certain reports in. I cannot force them to do so. If they do not, then I fail. If I bug the shit out of them to get it done, I lose. That all ends today, thankfully.

Though we don't have any strange light in the air like Otis has been seeing in the Carolinas, something just hasn't been right up here either. People have been weird. I had a strange call from my grandmother last night. I actually agree with a union stance. And I am not craving a beer right now. See, strange. Plus, we are not fed any cheesy meatloaf- which sounds great- at lunch. Just some stuffed with mushrooms but I digress.

I mean, I see what is going on at Ford with the $5 billion dollar loss and they are thinking of paying bonuses to managers? Seriously. What the hell are they thinking? They are scared to lose this "talent". The union is correct in to not give concessions when the company thinks they can pay managers millions for failure. I cannot believe I actually typed "the union is correct". Must stop body shakes.

As I said before I had a strange call from my grandmother last night. She means the world to me. Taught me a lot while I was growing up. Sadly, her age is showing. In her 90s, I think she is starting to lose it. Every time I speak with her, she seems a little more paranoid than before. She is scared her daughter is going to force her to move out of the elderly care place she lives in. I don't believe that to be true, but it is possible. The thing that got me was the fear in her voice. She has been through a lot in her life. It hurts to see her scared knowing there is little I can do as well as she probably isn't long for this world. Just another reason to hug that person that is special in your life. You never know what can happen from day to day.

Funny. Friday morning and I really am not thinking about beer. Usually I would be crafting a game plan on what to try out, or whether I would be drinking 32 ouncers or not. Guess other things are weighing a bit heavy on my mind. Oh well.

Rock on with your bad selfs this weekend!

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